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Even experienced captains bring a pilot on board when steering into new ports or treacherous waters. Sanet ASIAN ADVISORS are your experienced pilots for Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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Sanet Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to make Thailand and the ASEAN countries the home of Western entrepreneurs and to contribute to the prosperity of the Thai people through our work and competences. For our employees, we want to achieve a high level of qualifications and thus a secure future for themselves and their families. To this end, we strive to work together to deliver a service to our clients for which they are in return more than willing to guarantee us economic prosperity and growth.

We see it as our Mission to competently stand by the side of our clients when it comes to their investment, their market entry and their business in Thailand. Thus, we want to be hands-on problem solvers also in challenging business situations by providing comprehensive expertise, an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong willingness to take on responsibility for our clients’ success.

Case studies


A German company highly specialized in synthetic materials has an average global market share of 14%. But in Thailand the market share hovers despite fair prices and fair margins for the local partner around 3%. The company’s management decided to assign Sanet to have a look at the partner.


After more than 2 million Euro in losses over three years, a mid-sized client decided it was time for a systematic restructuring of their company. The management was determined to cut losses, hoping to finally be able to realize the profit potential offered by the ASEAN market. They initially set up a “Bridgehead” in the form of their own company in Singapore and placed a German managing director there with a sales focus who reported to Germany. His job was to acquire key customers across the region.

Case study: Legalization of distribution in Thailand

A northern European company produces machines and equipment that are used in automation systems. There are already export sales to Thailand, but the company now wants to establish itself directly in the market. A law firm in Bangkok recommends setting up a representative office (RepOffice) to get started. It was founded, an office manager was appointed, and a small team of Thai employees was set up.