Sanet Legal Ltd. becomes “Sanet Legal & Accountancy“: Accounting in Thailand

Sanet Legal Ltd. becomes “Sanet Legal & Accountancy“: Accounting in Thailand

The Sanet Group in Bangkok is now offering accounting services in Thailand for international SMEs. Sanet Legal Ltd. will thus be formally renamed “Sanet Legal & Accountancy” from April 2024.
Three “SME Packages” include everything needed for legally compliant and management-oriented accounting, such as accounting, monthly reports, tax declarations and reports tailored to the needs of both well-established companies and start-ups.

Under the guidance of a certified auditor, Sanet also offers payroll services, BOI reporting and audits for local and international SMEs.

In close cooperation with the lawyers under the common umbrella, shareholder resolutions and meetings will be prepared and implemented in a legally secure manner.

Thus, the Sanet Group further rounds off its position as a comprehensive service partner for Thailand-based corporations.

CREATING CAREERS now a brand of “Sanet Manpower Co., Ltd.”: Recruitment in Thailand

CREATING CAREERS now a brand of “Sanet Manpower Co., Ltd.”: Recruitment in Thailand

With the name Sanet Manpower Co. Ltd., Sanet, the international Consultancy Group in Bangkok now has integrated the recruitment brand CREATING CAREERS into its portfolio, and offers a job placement service for jobseekers in addition to recruitment.

Investments and market success are largely dependent on a company’s employees. The same, of course, applies to the consultants themselves. As a licensed recruitment consultancy in Thailand, the Sanet Group is known for its corporate management and legal advice, but also for the quality of its team and its selection of employees, for example for the business units of its sales company Sanet Trade & Services.

These competencies are now reflected in the entity “Sanet Manpower Co. Ltd.” as of April 1, 2024.

The experienced professionals that Sanet deploys for recruitment in Thailand are organized into specialized teams for “Leadership” in management, HR, accounting and controlling and for “Technology”, i.e. engineers, procurement and production. A further “Operations” team is responsible for IT, operations, and logistics.

Sanet Business Unit now with import service: Sales to Thailand

Sanet Business Unit now with import service: Sales to Thailand

For many years, the Business Unit (BU) at Sanet Trade & Services has been recognized as the fastest and most cost-effective way to establish a contractual representation in Thailand. Sanet handles marketing, technical service and sales in Thailand using employees working specifically for each principal. Of course, Sanet has regularly obtained direct orders from customers in Thailand for its manufacturers and principals.

One downside of the BU, however, was that Sanet did not trade in spare parts for the principal. The parts often had to be imported in a time-consuming process, while the customer in Thailand preferred to have their repairs carried out quickly and directly without customs clearance.

This is now changing: a new import and export license makes it possible.

Right or woke – I just want to do things right!

“Just before I fell asleep, I jumped up in bed in horror: What had just happened to me? What was bursting out of me? How long had this undetected evil been smoldering inside me?

It was during my night prayers when I first became shockingly aware of what an inner enemy of the state was slumbering inside myself! I had just asked the Lord in my prayer to lead me on the right path! You heard it right! On the “right” path! Lead! The path against which the woke and the “righteous”, no, sorry, the awakened and the “lefties” are fiercely fighting with missionary zeal?

It was time to reflect.”

Case Study: Troublesome Joint Venture in Thailand

Case Study: Troublesome Joint Venture in Thailand

As a consultant and “cultural ambassador”, Sanet helps a German machine builder with its Joint Venture in Thailand.

The German machine manufacturer held 75% of a sales and service Joint Venture in Thailand. A Thai partner owned 25% of the shares and managed the business single-handedly and largely without any direct intervention by the German majority partner. Little attention was paid to the Thai subsidiary.

The earnings were okay, but the sales figures were not impressive enough to make the Thai company the focus of the group management. After the company was established in Thailand, the German Controller came once a year for the annual accounts and soon returned home without any major problems. Market shares, market policy and the local company management were largely unaware of the situation at headquarters.

The surprise came as soon as the Thai partner wanted to introduce a successor.