Business Development Manager with Partner Perspective at Sanet

Job highlights

  •  Business Consulting and Business Development

  • Excellent English, Attractive Package

  • Proactive ambitioned Personality

Job description

This is the opportunity for a young academic who sees his or her future in autonomy and independence and has the firm will to acquire a management role in a most respected, medium-sized consulting firm by means of competence and commitment within a manageable period of time.A partner role in the Sanet Group is the achievable alternative to a venture-laden start-up of one’s own company or a long, tough climb up through a corporate hierarchy.The capital investment for a shareholding, which is made possible as early as in a medium-term perspective, lies in the achievement of „Sweat Shares“through outstanding commitment and progress during a clearly predictable period of on-the-job training.

Main duties

  •  Comprehensive support of management in corporate planning and day-to-day operations.

  • Expanding existing and developing new customer relationships.

  • Collaborate closely with Thai Case Team Manager on ProjectRealizations.

  • Develop, negotiate and close project assignments.

  • Ensure the success of each project by maintaining close customer communication.

Other duties

  • Motivation and backup of the project teams.

  • Plan and organize new services.

  • Acceptance of budget responsibility for revenues, expenditures and profits.

  • Cultivation and expansion of local Networks with businesses, associations and authorities.

  • Regular reporting to the Group Board of Directors.

Major skills and requirements

  • Upper average University Degree in Business Administration, Law, or related field.

  • At least two years of relevant experience in a commercial or consulting company or law firm.

  • Excellent German language proficiency; excellent English.

  • Willingness to commit to a long-term role and become a leader in the Group.

  • Readiness and willingness to accept a 1-2 year period of mentorship and intensive on-the-job training.

Other required or favorable skills

  • Work or university experience gained abroad in Thailand or Asia.

  • Linguistic ability to draft articles for the press and to write specialized publications.

  • Absolutely strong self-organization and in-depth appreciation of well-defined processes and procedures.

  • Acceptance of constantly new tasks and improvement of existing processes and competencies.
  • Authorized to work in Thailand.

If you are eager to take over a leading and entrepreneurial function by willingness to accept responsibility and dedication, then you should have a conversation with our board of directors. Call us directly under +66 81 9117677.

Company overview

Sanet was founded in 2003 with offices in Germany and just one year later in Thailand andHong Kong. Sanet stood for “Strategic Alliance Networks” and was thus a network of experienced industry managers. They had set themselves the goal of supporting Western companies in investment and market entry to China and ASEAN.

It was soon apparent that Thailand and the ASEAN states were becoming serious competition to China as destinations for Foreign Direct Investment. Subsequently, this region became the focus of Sanet and Sanet was transformed into the SANET ASEAN ADVISORS.

To date, the Sanet HQ in Bangkok has developed into a “one-stop service” offering advice in any special business situation. The group grew into four business divisions working together under the brand names“Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS”, “Sanet Trade and Services”“Creating Careers” and “Sanet Legal”. We now employ around 40 skilled consultants, lawyers sales and technical team members. For more than 140 international customers from all over Europe, Southeast Asia andAustralia we have been the trusted guides through their businesses in Thailand and ASEAN.

Our business areas include Investment Consulting, Management Consulting,Restructuring, Market and Potential Analysis, Business Representation, Recruitment under the brand “Creating Careers”, and Legal Consulting.


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