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1. Content of the online offer

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4. Legal validity of this disclaimer

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5. Billing Policy

The following Billing Policy applies to all consulting assignments with Sanet Legal Ltd. and Sanet (Thailand) Co. Ltd. The policy is subject to change without notice and will be posted on this website.

Save as otherwise agreed in an assignment letter, these terms of the Sanet Billing Policy will apply for all consulting matters, if brought to the Client’s attention in written and/or as an attachment to e-mail communication with between Sanet Group and its Client. Upon receipt of our Billing Policy (also as an e-mail attachment), the Client acknowledge and accepts these terms for all further requests, consultations, inquiries, or related communication.

Time-based Fee

If not agreed otherwise Sanet (Thailand) Co. Ltd. and Sanet Legal Ltd. (“Sanet”) charges time-based fees with the following rates to apply for written, telephone and personal advisory services:

Billing policy
The hourly rate will be 1/8 of the daily rate. The billable is calculated according to started sections of 10 min.

Fixed Fee Assignments, Initial and Preliminary Consultancy

Initial consultation services are free of charge up to an engagement of one (1) hourly rate. For all subsequent requested preliminary consultations, the above hourly rate shall apply.

If Sanet will be assigned a consulting matter through an Assignment Agreement with fixed fees (e.g., Studies, Market Analysis, Partner Search), the preliminary consulting services shall be credited and offset up to an amount equivalent to 20% of the fee agreed upon in the Assignment Agreement.

Beendigung, Änderungen der Beauftragung

  1. Sanet shall commence assigned tasks only upon receipt of relevant instruction and/or information from Client for the commencement and after receipt of the remuneration as agreed or stated in this Billing Policy.
  2. Save as otherwise agreed, Client may terminate Sanet’s services under an assignment by providing us with a written notice of the termination. The termination shall be effective upon receipt of Client’s notice in text form or Sanet’s confirmation of a verbal termination.
  3. In the event of termination, Sanet will invoice the Client for its services performed and expenses incurred to the date of termination and based on its time-based fees. A refund of prepayments/retainers billed is excluded.
  4. If within a period of three months the Client fails to provide the necessary information for a continuation of an assignment or fails to give necessary instructions for this purpose (Inactivity), Sanet may, after setting a reasonable grace period, terminate his services and proceed in the same manner as in the case of a termination by the Client.
  5. Either Sanet or the Client may request change to the Services to be provided or changes to any other aspect of terms and conditions set forth in a Letter of Engagement, but no such changes take effect unless agreed in writing.

Travelling expenses, other expenses

  1. Outlays, oversea calls, overseas postal and shipment expenses, government fees, stamp duties and third-party costs shall be invoiced to the client separately and in the amount 1:1 of our actual pay-out. Any third-party expenses will be agreed with the client before they are contracted.
  2. Domestic calls and regular domestic mail will not be charged. International call we be charged with 20 THB per minute.
  3. Certified translations will be charged with 1,600 THB/page, non-certified translations with 1,200 THB per page. Internal paper copies and two hard copies of all reports and attachments are free of charge. Additional copies will be charged with THB 10 for each page.
  4. Motor vehicle travel expenses will be charged with 30 THB per km in Thailand, and with 50 THB/km from and to our German Office in Fulda/Hesse. Necessary flights to a foreign country or between foreign countries shall be booked as “discounted business class” whenever possible.
  5. Board and lodging shall be calculated either according to the daily allowances permitted by Client’s tax laws for the travelling destination or, at the discretion of Sanet, as incurred.

Taxes, Currency

All Sanet Services and reimbursement of expenses shall be subject to VAT or other taxes that are applicable according to the relevant tax legislation. All invoices are due in Thai Baht.

Payment Terms, Down-Payments, and Delays

  1. (1) Payments are due for strictly net payment free of bank charges within 10 days of invoicing.
  2. Sanet preserves the right to charge a reasonable down payment for each step of an agreement. For assignment with agreed fixed consultancy fees, Sanet will charge a retainer of 50 % of the agreed fee, which will be set-off from the final billing.
  3. We reserve the right to suspend the provision of our Services and to charge a commercial rate of interest on accounts, which are overdue by more than 14 days.
  4. Sanet shall be entitled to withhold the hand-over of any project or legal documents until full payment of our fees.
  5. Sanet shall be entitled to recover from the Client reasonable costs (including but not limited to legal costs and disbursements on a full indemnity basis) for collecting outstanding amounts from the client.

Amendments and Validity

This Billing Policy may be amended or modified as deemed advisable at any time and without prior notice. Sanet will – with no legal obligation whatsoever – announce changes from time to time by sending the update or by publishing an update on our website