Thailand in Pole Position for the Race Seeking Investors

In Formula 1, one speaks of the best “Overall Package” in a race car as a decisive prerequisite of championship-winning performance. In other words, it’s not simply a question of the driver, the best chassis, most powerful motor or the most suitable strategy in a race. Rather, everything has to “fit” in order to bring a team right to the front. It is similar in the economy.

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Thailand 4.0: Ambitious growth plans

Thailand 4.0 is the Thai government’s ambitious plan for economic and digital growth. Among other industries, the plan supports growth in the digital sector. The offered incentives are especially attractive for SMEs and Start-Ups.

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Construction Tendering in Thailand

International companies staff entire planning committees for setting up production sites. In this context it is important to be open to effective alternatives, a principle demonstrated in a case study using the example of Thailand.

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