ASIS – a Partner for Industry 4.0

Thai corporate groups impressed by Bavarian automatization

Due to the great deal of interest in the Thai large-scale industry, the high-class manufacturer from Landshut in Bavaria is on the hunt for intelligent solutions regarding the automation of production processes as well as operational processes supporting production.

ASIS’s status not just as a respected partner for lacquer technology cause the eye of Thailand’s Siam Cement Group (SCG), one of the kingdom’s most influential company groups. Leading representatives from the company first visited the German mid-sized enterprise in Landshut. Both the management of SCG as well as the accompanying representatives from the Thai Board of Investment were noticeably impressed by the modern production technology to which they were introduced.
As part of a government mandate, the Board of Investment is pushing hard for Thai companies to upgrade their status to “Industry 4.0”

In March, discussions between the management of ASIS and the representatives of SCG’s management were held in Bangkok in order to develop plans together for future projects in line with Industry 4.0.

Following these strategic sessions, Sanet-Partner and professional engineer Sven Korf will also direct the guests from Landshut to project meetings discussing concretely designed automatization systems for renowned car manufacturers in Rayong, Thailand.

Sanet Trade & Services, a part of the SANET ASEAN ADVISORS Group is proud to have the honor of giving guidance to this company for their distribution in Thailand and the most important member states of the AEC as a regional sales manager.

ASIS Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Multhammer (center) next to SCG DirectorsPichart Angchanpen (r) and  Prachak Sotornsakblic (l). Sanet-Partner Sven Korf  (4.f.r), Sanet President Dr Gunter Denk and Sanet Project Manager Rapeeporn (Por) Tanpratoomvong represent ASIS on-site in Thailand.