Inheritance Law

It is often recommended to explicitly choose one legal system (EU or Thailand) in Germany as well as in Thailand and also to draw up a will for both countries in which this decision is recorded and the succession and estates are determined.

The law in Thailand is somewhat simpler: a will does not need to be handwritten, but may also be typed and confirmed by two witnesses. There is a high degree of freedom of disposal. For example, the testator does not have to give special consideration to claims to a compulsory portion. He is basically free to exclude even legal heirs from the succession.

In all cases, legal advice is recommended, especially in the case of European-Thai spouses. Similarly, it is advisable to appoint an administrator of the estate, since disputes between heirs are often “settled” by unlawful self-dealing on the part of an heir, and legal disputes are protracted and unpredictable in their outcome.