IT Tax Exemption / BOI

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Dr Ratchanee was rewarded for outstanding work

BOI Frankfurt under new leadership

After more than three years of highly successful work, Dr Ratchanee, Director of the Thai BOI (Board of Investment) offices for Central Europe, was re-located back to Bangkok in October 2019 to take on new responsibilities.

Here she will be promoted to “Executive Director of the Foreign Investment Marketing Division”. This means that Dr Ratchanee will not only continue to serve the offices in Europe but will also be responsible for all foreign offices of the Thai Investment Authority worldwide.

We at Sanet take this opportunity to congratulate her and wish the active representative of the modern Thai industrial society continued success in her work for her country.

(Chulalux Chinwong – CEO Sanet; Dr Ratchanee – Executive Director of the Foreign Investment Marketing Division)

Tax exemption for IT companies in Thailand

Attractive support programs from the BOI (Board of Investment)

Many European IT companies are currently looking to start a business in Thailand. Taking into account the lack of suitable employees at home, the massive promotion by the Thai BOI plays a major role in these considerations:

Thailand’s funding program will reward company foundations for software development, digital platforms, and e-commerce with 5 years tax exemption, visa facilitation and foreigners’ work permits. The IT company may also be wholly owned by foreigners.

The prerequisites for this to be fulfilled are none too complicated. The founders or investors must invest at least 1 million Baht (about 30,000 €). Alternatively, it is sufficient for the promotion, if annually 1.5 million Baht (about 50,000 €) are spent on IT staff. They must earn at least 75,000  Baht (about 2,500 €) a month.

The Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS and the German law firm Sanet Legal in Thailand professionally take over the founding of the company and the rather complex application process.

The company can be founded in a few days. The qualified funding application to the BOI must be accompanied by a business plan and a detailed project description.

See for yourself how managers feel about Sanet.

Who can you believe when service providers and consultants think themselves as professional, reliable and competent? The answer is simple: Ask the company’s customers.

We at Sanet are proud of how many business managers have placed their trust in us. In addition, we are very pleased to see how much of our work in the form of a reference is much appreciated, This in turn  helped others in choosing their advisor. Why not have a look at for yourself. We were particularly pleased with the video interview with automotive manager Michael Weikert. In this interview, Mr. Weikert has described about the cooperation with Sanet on the construction of a modern factory in Thailand.

New BOI director Sanlaya Aksharamat (centre) together with Dr Gunter Denk – Founder Sanet Group (second person from right) during a joint event in Germany.

Sanlaya Aksharamat runs BOI office in Frankfurt

New consul/director starts and has her first success.

The new head of Frankfurt’s BOI for Central Europe has barely taken up her new post and is already committed to her work. On 7 November 2019, at the BmWi event “Business Opportunities in Thailand: Civilian Security Technologies and Services” in Hamburg, she promoted investments in Thailand.

Sanet founder Dr Gunter Denk was also a co-presenter for the BOI boss at the event, which was well-organized by ecoNAN boss Lukas Brandau. After a few days, we from Sanet paid our inaugural visit to the new head of the Frankfurt office.

Director Aksharamat will be particularly pleased that just a few days after the seminar, two German companies took part in concrete talks with us about their company’s involvement in Thailand.