Sanet Legal Ltd. becomes “Sanet Legal & Accountancy“: Accounting in Thailand

Sanet Legal ltd. becomes “Sanet Legal & Accountancy“: Accounting in Thailand


The Sanet Group in Bangkok is now offering accounting services in Thailand for international SMEs. Sanet Legal Ltd. will thus be formally renamed “Sanet Legal & Accountancy Co. Ltd.” from April 2024. Three “SME Packages” include everything needed for legally compliant and management-oriented accounting, such as accounting, monthly reports, tax declarations and reports tailored to the needs of both well-established companies and start-ups.

Under the guidance of a certified auditor, Sanet also offers payroll services, BOI reporting and audits for local and international SMEs.

In close cooperation with the lawyers under the common umbrella, shareholder resolutions and meetings will be prepared and implemented in a legally secure manner.

Thus, the Sanet Group further rounds off its position as a comprehensive service partner for Thailand-based corporations.

Since 2017, the law firm Sanet Legal with its German lawyers has developed into a competent first port of call for investors in Thailand. In About 150 cases, the Thai-German Law Firm has assisted mostly European, but also companies from Australia, Hong Kong in China with their company formations, BOI investments, restructuring, joint ventures and other legal solutions in challenging business situations.

While Sanet regularly connects large international clients a renowned and friendly German-international accounting firm, e.g., for providing financial advice, complex tax-related tasks and the integration into global SAP solutions, Sanet’s more medium-sized companies usually had to be left to the local market for less cost-intensive accounting outsourcing.

This will change from April 2024, when by taking over the management of in-house accounting through a licensed auditor and building up a team of specialists, Sanet will now also offer reliable accounting in tailor-made packages to its clients.

Based on the number of bookings, the correct booking of income, expenses and assets, monthly tax returns and reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss statement, previous year comparison, open items and tax specifics of certain costs are offered at mid-market conditions from no more than THB 16,000 for the smallest packages. A somewhat larger package even includes the payroll service for key employees.

For companies “at the very beginning”, Sanet Legal & Accountancy Co. Ltd. also handles their payments for a small fee.

Of course, there is also the option of having Sanet reliably take care of the payroll including handling social security contributions and wage tax returns.

A particular advantage for Sanet clients is that the German lawyers in Bangkok can also take on the proper preparation of shareholder resolutions, employment contracts, general terms and conditions and similar tasks, especially for start-ups.

The first clients have already been won for the current financial year thanks to the attractive terms. They are now outsourcing their accounting and saving money every month.

Sanet continues to cooperate successfully with a renowned German tax office in Bangkok for complex tax consultancy and the international integration of accounting into group systems.