Site evaluation & tenders

When selecting a location for the investment, Sanet Legal benefits from its close cooperation with the management consultants of Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS.

These consultants know in detail about the more than 80 criteria that need to be considered in Thailand, many of which rarely play a role in Europe. For instance, mention must be made of the need for costly “piling” of the building, which can be as much as 30 m due to the condition of the soil.

Attention must also be paid to the superelevation or expensive filling of the land towards streets or neighboring plots, in order to avoid flooding in the rainy season. Special regulation in Industrial Estates might also ruin all logistic planning.

When it comes to the country-specific process and the supervision of the tender process for the building and, of course, the construction contracts, Sanet Legal’s lawyers again liaise closely with their colleagues from the management consulting department.

This helps our clients with both cost and time efficiencies. Not many people know that international General Contractors, for example, very often have construction done by reliable Thai companies who again work with sub-contractors.

As a result, the investor will pay two additional margins and the work will be carried out by the identical construction company. Working directly with one of these selected subcontractors can thus quickly bring savings of 20-30% on construction costs.

Sanet has the network, the experience and the well-rehearsed processes for organizing clean tendering procedures.

Legal Pulses

Legal Pulses March

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Legal Pulses

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