Producing in Thailand

Producing in Thailand

 As Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS we have accompanied numerous private individuals, companies and partners with their direct investment in Thailand, Southeast Asia and China. After almost 20 years of experience, we know how to develop and implement a strategy. We respect the fact that every company has to follow its own individual path.

Therefore, it is our task to ask the right questions for your strategy development. The right answers are best found by you as the manager of your company.

Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS are your loyal pilots and companions through your project from strategy workshop to project organization to practical implementation on site. Embark a successful “Producing in Thailand” journey with our reliable Consulting in Thailand.

Foreign Direct Investment

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Nobody knows your business better than you do. We help with our experience from numerous projects of internationalization to Thailand and Asia. Together with you we define the motives and goals for the project, work out a schedule with milestones, determine the internal requirements for the project management and prepare a first budget.

It is not uncommon for us to work with management on decision-making documents for the company’s governing bodies.

Feasibility study

After the workshop, the next step is to check the feasibility. The criteria were defined together in the workshop.

The right location

The choice of the right region must, for example, examine and evaluate the logistics, proximity to suppliers and customers, the labor market and the infrastructure in the vicinity of the location.

After that, the selection of the land is significant. Is the land flood-proof during the rainy season? Does the land still need to be filled in at great expense? How deep do the foundations need to go, which easily account for 30% of the construction price. Sanet has been evaluating land for almost 20 years and knows the “pitfalls” of the search and the quality of industrial park operators.

Project organization

The Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS know from almost 20 years of experience which internal hurdles can stand in the way of a speedy and smooth investment. We give the management important hints, what made our investors particularly successful in the project organization, or also which internal problems sometimes stood in the way.

But even when it comes to implementation, Sanet does not leave you alone. We know, for example, how the tendering should be done in Thailand, we arrange service providers and the construction supervision. We are there for you until the start of production (SoP).

Sanet provided reliable and committed support for our investment in Thailand, from strategy development to tendering for the construction work. Even today, I still feel a friendly bond with the team.
Rainer Tostmann

General Manager Tanatex Thailand

We included Sanet in our strategy for Asia at an early stage. Even if something didn’t go according to plan right away, we could still rely on Sanet. That’s how we still maintain good relations today, even years later.
Patrick Besserer

Member of Management Noventa AG, Switzerland

Producing in Thailand and the ASEAN countries

Contact us if you are planning to invest in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). We will be happy to visit you for an initial non-binding informational interview.

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Unser Bild zeigt den Bodo Möller CEO Herrn Frank Haug (Mitte) mit Projekt-Manager Bernhard Vreden (2.v.l.) und Ses Sestin, Head of Business Unit, gemeinsam mit Sanet COO Fabian Sonntagbauer (rechts) und Sanet Gründer Dr. Gunter Denk, anlässlich der gemeinsamen Strategietagung im März 2023 im Sanet Office Bangkok.

Sanet reports new Business Units and dialogues with the Board of Investment (BOI)

• Cooperation with Bodo Möller Chemie • New business unit with IT-M • Sanet as a guest at BOI

Sanet – Help for small and medium-sized enterprises

Sanet assists SMEs in their investments in Thailand with practice-oriented advice on legal matters, investment promotion and project management.
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