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  • Sanet top consultants come to Europe in February 2018
  • Excellent networks are decisive in Southeast Asia
  • In Remembrance of Dr. Surin Pitsuwan
  • Sanet celebrates opening of new law office with a delegation of German lawyers
  • Setting an example: Sanet invests into own infrastructure

Sanet comes to Europe in February 2018

Make an appointment with the top consultants of Sanet 

Für eine  In February 2018, Sanet will be travelling to Europe for a personal presentation of the company’s consulting services. This provides enterprises interested in a potential market expansion to Southeast Asia with the opportunity to personally meet and discuss with the top consultants of Sanet, Dr. Gunter Denk and Johannes Kraus.

Companies interested in scheduling a on-site meeting with Sanet in February 2018, should contact 

Excellent networks are decisive in Southeast Asia

Distribution partner search for German company in Thailand 

The Thai company Loxley Trading Company Limited has established itself as one of the most important partners and distributors of the ‘Big Players’ in the Thai Food and Non-Food sector, being the market leader for various technology segments.

As part of a professional partner search for a German manufacturer of chemical household and lifestyle products, Sanet made use of its well-established network and connected with the top management of Loxley. Sanet is highly confident that in the near future the two companies will form a powerful strategic partnership in the Thai market.

Based on a strong network and a careful partner search process, Sanet has helped numerous European companies in choosing the ideal distribution partner in Thailand. To find out more about the partner search process of Sanet, click here.

Kosoon Sinphurmsukskul (2nd left), First Executive Vice President of Loxley Public Co. Ltd. and CEO of Loxley Trading invited their international trading team to a joint dinner meeting with the Sanet management, represented by Chulalux and Dr. Gunter Denk (Center). 

In Remembrance of Dr. Surin Pitsuwan

ASEAN loses a great politician and personality

Last month Thailand lost one of his most respected and charismatic politicians, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan. As a Secretary General of ASEAN, he was a dynamic promoter of the AEC and made her a respected Organisation all over the world.

Until his early death, he never stopped to remind Thai Government and Entrepreneurs on their joint duty to serve their country and fight corruption.

Furthermore, Dr Surin was a great friend of Germany, where he visited various business events of private business circles to promote investment in AEC and collaboration between German and Southeast Asian SME.

Sanet, represented by its founder and president Dr. Gunter Denk, still regard it as an honour having had the chance to once a while discuss with this great personality during events like DAW annual reception in Frankfurt or ASEAN Business Summit in Phnom Phen.

Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Uwe Solinger, Bodo Krüger (DAW) and Dr. Gunter Denk (Sanet) jointly engaged in one of their many discussions

Sanet celebrates opening of law office ‘Sanet Legal Ltd.’ 

A delegation of distinguished German lawyers visits Sanet 

In celebration of the recent opening of the law firm Sanet Legal Ltd., Dr. Gunter Denk, President of Sanet, welcomed a delegation of distinguished German lawyers at its Headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand. Among the invited guests were:

– Mr. Dr. Hans Schreven, Schreven Laywers, Aachen, Germany
– Mrs. Margot Schreven, Schreven Laywers, Aachen, Germany
– Mr. Gerhard Schüler, Schüler & Associates, Fulda, Germany
– Mrs. Adriane Rutz, Law Office Adriane Rutz, Egestorf, Germany
– Mr. Prof. Michael Rutz, Political Advisor, Hamburg and Berlin, Germany
The delegation’s program started with a presentation of the consultancy services of the Sanet Group at the Sanet Business Center in Bangkok. The program then continued with a sightseeing tour of the burial ground of King Rama IX and a joint festive evening with the whole Sanet team.The purpose of the visit has been the recent opening of Sanet Legal Ltd. The German-Thai law firm offers the following comprehensive legal services for international companies in Thailand:
  • Company Establishments and Company Structures
  • Corporate Law
  • Investment Promotions (BOI)
  • Labour Law, Work Permits and Visa Processing
  • Customs, Free Trade & Local Content
For more information or to get in touch with Sanet Legal Ltd., contact

German and Thai lawyers united

Setting an example: Sanet invests into infrastructure

Thailand is becoming the trade bridge between China and Southeast Asia

Over the course of the past month, Sanet has made an infrastructure investment by building a new road leading to the Headquarter office in Bangkok, Thailand. From now on forward, visiting clients are granted with direct parking options right in front of the Sanet Business Centre. The assigned company has been a trusted partner for years and is currently also responsible for the construction of a factory for a German automotive supplier in Rayong, Thailand. The executive consultancy team of Sanet advised the in Bavaria headquartered company with the developing of a strategy, selection of a location and project management optimization on its Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand.

A parallel to Sanets’ own investment can be drawn with the overall political willingness in the ASEAN member states to continue to invest into its infrastructure development. The Asian Development Bank estimates that until the year 2025, the ASEAN member states will jointly spend $110 billion per year in its infrastructure.

When looking at the Kingdom of Thailand, an infrastructure spending growth of 10.3% can be seen in 2017. This is testament to the ambition of the Thai government to turn the country into a trade bridge between China and South-East Asia. With construction of a Thailand-China high speed freight rail link having recently started and additionally a Free Trade agreement with China (ACTFA) being in place, Dr. Gunter Denk is certain that in the future an increasing number of international companies will move their supply chain outside of China and into the mainland of ASEAN.

Self-initiative; The new access road to the Sanet Business Center in Bangkok