Market analysis

Market analysis

To professionally prepare entering new markets, it is essential that one knows about this market. That includes knowledge about the market size, its potential for ones products, the key players in the market and, above all, the mechanisms of the market.

Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS bring nearly 20 years of experience in providing studies which can directly be used for making management decisions. Whether you are a multinational or a SME, whether you are in consumer goods or in machinery, whether you are in commodities or in consumer products: Sanet provides you with the expertise to make the right decisions. Sanet delivers the basis for your business plan.

Data harvesting

In the beginning stands a workshop. We work with you to draw up the objectives of the study and our deliverables. We determine the relevant products and segments of the market that need to be explored. Together, we discuss which data need to be raised in order to draw conclusions about the market’s size in both quantity and value.

There follows the process of identifying the data. By interviewing key market players, industry federations, relevant consumers, and in many cases, even our client’s competitors, we obtain information about the market. Certainly, our analysts also harvest published data and cross-check them against our findings.

More than 60 sources are used for data collection and plausibility checks. Among these sources are, for example, customs statistics, industrial publications, and investigations into the revenues of the most important competitors and users.

Market mechanisms

Numbers alone will not make a market study. Crucial for success or failure in entering a market is the knowledge and understanding of the market mechanisms. That is why Sanet also investigates the decision-making processes and the key influencers existing in the market.

Are there existing interactions and interdependencies of competitors with the main end-users? Which are the ” Sweet Points” for the decision makers, upon which a positive buying decision hinges? Or, are there Road Blocks that you must be prepared to address?

It is often also a matter of surveying your own market reputation and identifying your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors.

To learn about all of these “Soft Facts”, we are conducting numerous discussions with key decision-makers in our network, which has been built up over almost 20 years.

Recommended course of action

A Sanet study always concludes with a concrete proposal for further implementation. For this purpose, we initially plausibilize our “hard data” using the insights we had gained from conversations with leading market players.

It is part of our way of working to constantly coordinate our findings with you, the client, throughout the entire process. Their experience is an important part of evaluating our data and market insights.

At the end, we have our study, in which we once again present the task and our methodology in fulfilling it. We report the plausibly justified figures and market estimates. We describe our “General Learnings” and the market understanding we gained.

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