Restructuring in Thailand

This is how we do it

Perhaps you already have a company in the ASEAN region, but it isn’t doing as well as it should. There’s nothing unusual about this. In many cases a joint-venture or a subsidiary is established but doesn’t fulfil expectations. Your partner may have been more interested in his own profits than in building up a joint market share. Or your subsidiary has not received the kind of attention which it should be generating in an important growth region such as the ASEAN countries. If this is the case then it’s high time to correct the situation – and that’s where we can provide you with reliable and expert support.

Check setup

We first check out the legal and sales setup. Often the legal structure in the individual country is in itself not on a sound basis. Perhaps your partner is mainly looking after his own interests or the sales team isn’t the right one. Don’t worry, our team is skilled in recognising weak points.

Identifying potentials

The next step is to make a professional analysis of the potential of the market. What is your position on the market, and what is the position of the competition? What sales opportunities have so far remained unexploited? We find the answers and present them to you.

Action plan

Next step is the definition of measures to be taken. We will draw it up together with you. The goals will be determined. Legal structure, organization and sales will be adjusted to these goals. If necessary, we will implement personell changes.


Of course we also provide you with support when it comes to implementing the plan of action on the ground. We negotiate with local partners, find the right personnel, adapt existing structures, perhaps even setting up a new location and providing support for management. The end result is your successful company in the AEC.

Case study #1

Our case study “NewSilk” is a good example of restructuring:

Case study #2

Our case study “Fraud Detection” is a good example of restructuring:

Sanet Asean Advisors

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Unser Bild zeigt den Bodo Möller CEO Herrn Frank Haug (Mitte) mit Projekt-Manager Bernhard Vreden (2.v.l.) und Ses Sestin, Head of Business Unit, gemeinsam mit Sanet COO Fabian Sonntagbauer (rechts) und Sanet Gründer Dr. Gunter Denk, anlässlich der gemeinsamen Strategietagung im März 2023 im Sanet Office Bangkok.

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