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SPALECK – Five Generations of Private Ownership and State of the Art

Sanet hands over its comprehensive market potential analysis

The SPALECK Group of Companies is exemplary for successful medium-sized businesses that have been combining tradition with innovation for decades. With its roots in 1869, the initial locksmith’s shop moved into new business fields via machine engineering for textile industry.

In 2012, SPALECK became the “Green Machine Builder” and has been leading in broad areas of Recycling Technology ever since. And because knowledge means power in business, SPALECK’s management entrusted Sanet with a Market Potential Analysis for its conveying and separation technology in Thailand.

On January 20, 2022, following five months of comprehensive research and analysis, Sanet Founder Dr. Gunter Denk and his team presented their findings to Dipl.-Hydrologist Hermann Kahle, SPALECK Group’s representative in Thailand. In addition, Sanet presented a detailed Executive Summary outlining recommendations for future activities in this Southeast Asian metropolis.

Hence, one thing is already certain: As in its long tradition, SPALECK has once again ensured an important knowledge lead ahead of its competitors with regard to the functionality and potential of the market in 2022. SANET ASEAN ADVISORS are proud of having contributed to achieving this.

Hermann Kahle, Representative of the SPALECK Group has been handed over the results of the Market Potential Analysis and recommendations made by the Sanet Project Team for his business in Thailand. In the picture we show Hermann Kahle at the hand-over by Dr. Gunter Denk and two project analysts Kulpreeya “Jib” Kaewrat and visiting expert Benedikt Preisendörfer.

Komet Dental – Julien Didron Heads the Komet Business Unit at Sanet in Thailand

The world’s leading dental firm Brasseler gets close to its APEC customers

Komet Dental is the Brand that has been at the core of the Brasseler family business since 1923. Nowadays, Brasseler provides the world’s largest range of rotary dental instruments and systems for dentists, dental technicians, oral surgeons and orthopedists.

For the traditional manufacturer, direct and personal customer contact is one of the cornerstones of success. In Thailand and Asia Pacific, this is now ensured by Julien Didron via the service platform of a “Business Unit” at Sanet Trade & Services.

French-born Julien Didron obtained his MBA from the renowned RMIT University in Melbourne. In an almost unique way, he combines his 20 years of experience in Asia Pacific with another 15 years of experience in the dental market.

The Komet Medical Brand has been developing and manufacturing precision tools for applications in motor-driven, surgical drive systems since 1988. The extensive product range includes surgical saw blades, rasps, drills, milling cutters, craniotomes and twist drills, as well as diamond cutters. In Asia Pacific, Julien Didron now serves customers with his long-standing expertise.

Market Entry Requires Professional Expertise

The “Business Unit” at Sanet as a platform for comprehensive market support

“Anyone who intends to enter a market but does not know about it would be better off buying himself a lottery ticket”.

This entrepreneurial bon mot is as true as ever and particularly in new and distant markets. It says nothing other than the fact that having the deepest understanding of the market environment is the most important prerequisite for success.

These credentials show that well-known companies from all over Europe rely on SANET ASEAN ADVISORS for market and competitiveness studies, potential analyses as well as professional search for distributors and partners.

Moreover, every Sanet consultancy is tailor-made: It ranges from a “Bird-View Survey” of the most relevant users, distributors and competitors in the market, to a complete analysis including the identification of decision makers and decision criteria in the target market. Well-grounded options of action additionally facilitate entrepreneurial decision-making.

The Business Unit Platform, which more than 20 European companies have already chosen for their market entry into Thailand, is a Sanet service that has proven to be a successful approach many times over.

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Sanet Personnel

Employee of the year 2021 and new executive assistant

Putsarapun “Fah” Supaknut, Head of the Recruitment Agency CREATING CAREERS was awarded by Sanet Managing Director Chulalux C. Denk as “Employee of the Year 2021.” Ms. Fah only joined the Sanet Group at the beginning of 2021, but quickly won the favor and recognition of both clients and colleagues through her friendly and at the same time focused personality. Moreover, with her division and more than 20 successful projects, she contributed significantly to the Group’s strong annual results.

Kanyaphat “Boom” Kanokbodeevanit is new to the team and already highly regarded as a supportive and helpful colleague. As Assistant to the Executive Board, she rapidly proved to be the go-to person for all concerns of the consulting team as well as the associates of the Business Units. She has already become a valuable asset to the Group, easing the workload of the management team through her efficient working procedures.