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  • The No. 1 Challenge in Thailand: finding well-trained and loyal staff members
  • European Consumer Products in Demand in Thailand: lifestyle products rank highest
  • Sanet provides consulting service in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg
  • Monks and Managers: grand opening of SGF (Bavaria) in the WHA Industrial Park  

The No. 1 Challenge in Thailand: finding well-trained and loyal staff members

Can a recruitment agency really help?  

It is not news to anyone that the Thai employment market poses a number of challenges. However, according to a survey of international companies operating in Thailand, 43% named the “availability of well-trained and loyal employees” as their biggest problem. This concern topped the list by a wide margin, with the number two spot split between worries regarding insufficient returns from their local sales partner and concerns about the country’s political future (28% each).


“Our recruiting process focuses particularly on the applicants’ personality. Technical skills can be taught to employees through training. Loyalty, on the other hand, is a trait which can be cultivated, but not trained. More than 85% of the job candidates referred by Sanet CREATING CAREERS  remain loyal to their companies for many years.“ Alexander Alles, COO of the Sanet Group in Bangkok.



Only a small number of HR departments conduct personnel searches consisting of more than just a brief interview and their personal impressions. This is especially true when it comes to international MSEs. At the very most, they employ the services of a recruitment agency, paid only for the successful hires it recommends. The agency provides them with little more information than application forms from various data pools. This is why so many of these companies continue to hire sales and office staff members who are neither qualified nor committed to their positions.

The staffing agency CREATING CAREERS charges 25 % of the yearly salary of each successful placement. Applicants are sought out individually so that both local Thai interviewers as well as international experts can better get to know them. The recruitment’s success rate of 85% speaks for itself.

European Consumer Products in Demand in Thailand

Life-style products especially of interest to the upper middle class

The Thai retail market is in many ways comparable to that of Europe. Large retail chains such as BIG C and Tesco Lotus as well as more than 15,000 commercial mini-markets dominant the retail landscape and are putting more and more mom and pop stores out of business.

Beyond that, there are strong chains like Tops, Villa Market or Foodland which offer European consumer products of both the food and non-food varieties at high margins.

These products all have one thing in common: their high quality. However, these specialists only sometimes purchase their import goods directly. It is more common for such sales chains to use the services of highly competent and specialized importer to ensure their customers’ needs are met quickly and efficiently.

The Sanet Group in Thailand has access to some of the most well-connected retail customers in the country. At present, one of the biggest suppliers for virtually all forms of sales is looking to expand on their market position as top seller of Japanese products to include high quality European food and non-food products as well.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Sanet provides consulting service in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg

In June the Sanet management comes offers free initial consultation on site

In June 2019 the time has come again: Twice a year the Sanet managers Alexander Alles and Dr. Gunter Denk are on the road to offer medium-sized businesses a free initial consultation on site.  This time the focus will be on LUX and the D/A/CH region, i.e. Switzerland and Austria, Germany but also Luxembourg.

The main focus of the consulting for this trip are the different options for

  • a market and potential analysis of European companies for capital goods and consumer goods;
  • the professional search and also the evaluation of existing sales partners;
  • the options for an own sales office or the “own man” in Southeast Asia;
  • strategy workshops for the ASEAN Markets;
  • Production, purchasing and investment.

If you are interested in a free initial consultation, please contact [email protected]. We will contact you immediately to arrange an appointment.

Monks and Managers: grand opening of SGF (Bavaria) in the WHA Industrial Park

SGF and Sanet both proud of their successful investment endeavor

Numerous distinguished guests from the political and economic sector attended the grand opening of SGF (Thailand) Co. Ltd. in the WHA Industrial Park. SGF’s CEO, Michael Weikert, and the general manager of the new factory, Frank Beernaert, organized a wonderful celebration in “Thai-Bavarian” style.

Early in the morning, 9 Buddhist monks prayed for the company’s future to be prosperous, which was followed by a bedazzling performance by Thai dancers. After some entertaining speeches from the hosts came an impressive shower of gold leaves during the ribbon cutting ceremony, which symbolized the shareholders’ entrepreneurial spirit and vision.

The Bavarians hosted a Thai-Bavarian buffet to close out the event. The SGF managers were very foresightful in their planning, so there was plenty of Weihenstephaner wheat beer to go around.

A solid team:  shareholders, the management team and the founders of SGF all had good cause for celebration.

In Thailand, company grand openings are traditionally led by Buddhist monks. Their prayers for the new factory kick off the start of the ceremony.

The Bavarian spectators were not the only ones enthralled with the Thai dance performance.