Strategic Consulting

Sanet is the right choice for strategic consulting

It’s not every day that a company invests in new markets. A clearly defined strategy reduces the risks and helps when it comes to exploiting the available opportunities. With facts and experience the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS will assist you in finding exactly the right strategy.

Strategy workshop

When it comes to your business there’s nobody who knows the answers as well as you yourself – but sometimes you need somebody who asks the right questions. Together we formulate the targets, define the process, identify exit points and plan the budget. The bottom line is then the right strategy for you.

Feasibility study

Companies should only invest to the level at which their knowledge of the new market grows. We create or test options for the right location for your investment and then check out available suppliers and customers, the labour market, the infrastructure and the logistical pre-requirements. In terms of facts which are relevant to your project, nothing will remain an unknown factor.

Risk management

Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS show you the typical risks of doing business in Asia. Protective measures for your brand and your know-how need to be taken in good time, while the right action has to be taken to limit the fluctuation of important personnel. Backup solutions need to be in place in order to provide rapid replacements for suppliers who may even be using your tools and equipment. We make sure that you think of everything.


Those who develop a strategy also assume responsibility. This is why the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS are also there to support you in the implementation of your strategy. Together with you we plan the most important steps and then take them together. We assume responsibility for the results and find answers to any problems which arise on our shared journey.

We involved Sanet in our strategy for Asia at an early stage. Even when something didn’t immediately go to plan we were always able to rely on Sanet, and as a result we still maintain a good relationship with them to the present day.

Patrick Besserer

Member of Management Noventa AG, Switzerland

Sanet Asean Advisors

“Plan your work and work your plan!” We develop the right strategy for your plans in asia.