Strategy Development

Strategy Development for New Markets in Asia

There is a lot of talk about strategy. For many managers, however, strategy means something “overarching” or “general”. And yet, strategy is something very specific. Strategy development is a “craftsmanship” that needs to be mastered. This is particularly true for investments in new markets, whether for production or sales.

Since the launch of Sanet Asian Advisors by its founder Dr. Gunter Denk in 2003, Sanet has made a respectable name for itself when it comes to the proper and prudent development of strategies.With numerous reference books and professional publications in German business journals and as a much sought-after keynote speaker, the trained lawyer and international entrepreneur has imparted his knowledge and accompanied many successful companies in their investments. Since 2005, numerous companies have used the “Sanet Hedging Strategy” to hedge their China investments in Southeast Asia in particular. Today, this strategy is a standard part of risk management.

Sanet Asean Advisors have been using this knowledge for years for their clients’ specific investment planning and, if required, provide additional hands-on project management support for the subsequent implementation of the strategy.

The decisive course for successful internationalization is set in just two days of a workshop with Sanet.

An example of strategy development for a production facility in Thailand or Asia

Example of a strategy development for internationalization of sales to Thailand and Asia

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“Denk, an entrepreneur with experience of China, describes the framework conditions for investors in “Asia for SMES”.”

Finacial Times Germany

“It is by far the only book that gives SMEs clear and unsentimental advice on Asia … The great handbook for everyone who has Asia in their sights.”

Recommendation in Wallstreet Online,, SPIEGEL-Shop

“… I think the book is very good: written in an exciting and entertaining way, easy to read and above all: lots of valuable information. Congratulations on this!”

Wolfgang Trautwein, Economic Attache at the German Embassy Kuala Lumpur

“Congratulations on your book – one of the best (if not the best) in this field!”

Roland Ritter, head of the international consulting company

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Unser Bild zeigt den Bodo Möller CEO Herrn Frank Haug (Mitte) mit Projekt-Manager Bernhard Vreden (2.v.l.) und Ses Sestin, Head of Business Unit, gemeinsam mit Sanet COO Fabian Sonntagbauer (rechts) und Sanet Gründer Dr. Gunter Denk, anlässlich der gemeinsamen Strategietagung im März 2023 im Sanet Office Bangkok.

Sanet reports new Business Units and dialogues with the Board of Investment (BOI)

• Cooperation with Bodo Möller Chemie • New business unit with IT-M • Sanet as a guest at BOI

Sanet – Help for small and medium-sized enterprises

Sanet assists SMEs in their investments in Thailand with practice-oriented advice on legal matters, investment promotion and project management.
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Thailand becomes Asia’s hub for cloud IT – 5 Billion invest by AMAZON

AMAZON makes Thailand a cloud IT center – 5 Billion investment in the kingdom. Sanet Legal now a member of the AVOLINK lawyer network.

Sanet: Continuing to be the Economic and Cultural Ambassadors between Companies from Thailand and all over Europe

Fabian Sonntagbauer LL.M. takes over shares and board position in the Sanet Group

Sanet offers opportunity for Partnership or Joint Venture between German Manufacturer and Thai Machine Dealer/Builder

Once again, the Bangkok based Sanet Group stands out as a connector between Thai and European businesses. Today, it is offering a joint partnership between a German...