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Foreign direct investment in Asia

As Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS we have guided numerous Direct Investments throughout Thailand, Southeast Asia and China. With almost 20 years of experience, we know how to design and implement a strategy. At the same time, we respect that every company has to walk a very individual path. That is why we are there to ask the right questions. You as managers will find the right answers yourself.

Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS are your loyal guides and helpers during the entire project, starting with the strategy workshop, through the project organization up to the on-site implementation.

Foreign Direct Investment

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Initial workshop

Nobody knows your business better than you do. With our experience from numerous projects of internationalization to Thailand and Asia, we are there to be of help.

Jointly with you, we determine the motives and goals for the project, develop a time schedule with its milestones, clarify the internal standards for the project management and deliver the facts for an initial budget.

It is not uncommon for us to work together closely with the management on drawing up decision-making documents for the Company’s corporate bodies.

The feasibility study

Following the workshop, we proceed to the feasibility study. We have alreday jointly determined the relevant criteria during the workshop.

We now work out options for the right investment country or – if the investment country has already been determined – the perfect location for your plans.

We examine and compare the political, legal and tax environment. We rate potential incentives for investment and the availability of supply and skilled workforce. A total of approximately eighty different factors are among the criteria on which we base our analyses and proposals.

The right location and site

Choosing the right location must, for instance, consider and evaluate logistical aspects, proximity to suppliers and customers, the labor market, as well as the infrastructure that surrounds the location.

Then, the selection of the plot of land is most significant. Is the piece of land flood-proof during the rainy season? Will the plot still need to be filled at high cost? How deep would the piling need to go, which can easily amount to 30% of the construction price.

Sanet has been assessing plots for almost 20 years and knows the “pitfalls” of the search and the qualities of the industrial park operators.

Project organization

Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS understand from almost 20 years of experience which internal roadblocks may prevent a swift and trouble-free investment project.

We can provide the management with valuable insights into what has made our investors particularly successful in their project organization, or which internal obstacles have sometimes stood between them and the project’s success.

Even when it comes to the implementation, Sanet does by no means leave you on your own. For instance, when it comes to Thailand, we know how the tendering process ought to be handled, we arrange for contractors and the monitoring of construction work. We are at your service until the start of production (SoP).

Sanet was engaged and reliable in providing their guidance, which ranged from strategy development to the tendering of construction projects. I still have a friendly relationship with the team to this day.

Rainer Tostmann

General Manager Tanatex Thailand

We involved Sanet in our strategy for Asia at an early stage. Even when something didn’t immediately go to plan we were always able to rely on Sanet, and as a result we still maintain a good relationship with them to the present day.

Patrick Besserer

Member of Management Noventa AG, Switzerland

Foreign direct investment in Asia

Contact us if you are planning to invest in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). We will be happy to visit you for an initial non-binding informational interview.