Change Management

Change Management

When it comes to the well-planned change or advancement of a company’s personnel structure and corporate culture, CREATING CAREERS benefits from the four cornerstones of the Sanet Group.

The close cooperation with the Restructuring Experts of Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS, with the Labor Lawyers at Sanet Legal Ltd. and the Service Teams of Sanet Trade & Services facilitates the development of a truly holistic approach.

Change Management – the Story and the Vision

Change Management is an integral part of a corporate development. Its success depends to a great extent on the final commitment of all those concerned by the change.

Therefore, right at the beginning, the story which makes the changes necessary must be told, and a Great Design must be defined, which is to be achieved together. Communication with each and every stakeholder is key to getting everyone concerned to be committed.

Sanet CREATING CAREERS develops with you “the story”, the objective and the communication concept.

Participation of all Parties Concerned

Participation of all those concerned precisely does not mean the participation of “everyone”. The objective is not to introduce a grassroots democracy, but to genuinely involve all persons concerned in the development of the concept.

The Management in charge will remain open to input and suggestions from all employees. Early “interference” avoids the post-project perception that the changes have been ordered “from above”.

This also involves respect for alternative opinions and perspectives. Young employees think differently than their elders. Perceptions of the working world are different. Therefore, as long as the determination to implement Changes remains crystal clear, the management will treat all contradictions openly and with respect.

Sanet moderates, facilitates and supports the communication process and advises management on how to secure the cooperation of the parties concerned.

The goal is to avoid the attitude of “Not our idea!” during implementation.

Concepts and measures

This is where it gets tangible and our experience pays off. Sanet develops performance-based remuneration systems, employee loyalty measures, incentives for advanced trainings as well as concepts for the corporate culture.

Sanet facilitates and dialogues the proposals jointly with or on behalf of the management with the parties concerned. Sanet Legal’s attorneys assist in the secure legal compliance of the proposed changes and care for the documentation of the measures as agreements, in work rules under Thai law and in employment contracts.

Oftentimes, Sanet is also entrusted with the follow-up and adjustment of the changes’ results. Here, our entrepreneurial experience gained in management consulting helps in a most specific way.

Vocational training at all company levels
Vocational training at all company levels not just ensures future efficiency and competitiveness. In Asia in particularly, in-company support for education and advanced professional training is a strong motivational force, especially amongst the younger generation.