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People from different cultures think and feel differently. Therefore, international companies in Thailand do need employees with a good understanding of the business culture and language of Thai and Western businesses.

The CREATING CAREERS recruiting is therefore specialized in the placement of sales, technical or managerial personnel for both international companies operating in Thailand and Thai companies operating internationally.

A special characteristic of the Sanet recruitment service is a selection process that guarantees the client a reliable evaluation of the candidates. As a result, you will find exactly the employee you are looking for in Thailand who will fit your requirements.

After jointly defining the requested skills, Sanet will assess the candidates in three stages and interviews. Before presenting the thoroughly pre-qualified candidates, their character, their personal background, their motivation, their expertise and their financial expectations are explored by European and Thai interviewers and will be summed up in an “Executive Summary”.

Very often, the three to five best candidates are selected from more than 200 applicants. At the end, a rate of 86% of applicants remaining long-term in their new company testifies to the CREATING CAREERS selection process.

Executive Recruiting

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