Finance Manager for Brückner in Thailand

Close Cooperation with the Client in Recruitment as a Recipe for Success

The new team of Brückner Thailand is getting its face.

Successful recruitment does not only depend on whether a consultant finds and presents candidates with the required qualifications. Equally important is that candidates are evaluated and selected for their fit with the corporate culture, the management, and the overall team.

This philosophy characterizes the approach of CREATING CAREERS, the executive search consultancy of the Sanet Group in Bangkok. Already the job specification is thoroughly and intensively planned and discussed with the client. After a prequalification with all the essential data and the first impressions about loyalty, character and of course capabilities of the candidates, an agreed number of interviews are conducted jointly with the candidates, the client and the Sanet consultants.

The learning from the “test runs” is increased understanding of the client’s expectations, which then serves as a guideline for the continued search.

CREATING CAREERS successfully applied this concept for the Brückner Group in June 2021: Management and recruiters jointly evaluated a predefined number from over 600 applicants and intensively exchanged their assessments.

The result was the successful filling of 70% of the international technical team in the first four weeks, which will support Brückner customers throughout Asia from Bangkok in the future.

The designated Managing Director of the Brückner Asia-Pacific Group in Thailand, Walter Ströder, Puettipon (Marwin) Asksonmee, Brückner Account Manager at Sanet, and Recruitment Consultant Supaknut (Fah) Putsarapun worked excellently together on the task of forming the technical team for the international commissioning of the Brückner production lines.

Finance Manager at Brückner Group Asiapacific

Top position for experienced commercial manager

The Sanet Group in Bangkok is one of Thailand’s best and most renowned Management Consultancies for medium-sized companies from all parts of the world. Its services include management consulting, recruitment, representation in trade and legal services.

The management is now offering to a young business economist or lawyer with the desire for entrepreneurship the chance to lead the company into the future after an in-depth mentoring period. Not only German, Swiss, or Austrian applicants will be considered, but in particular European students who have completed an academic degree in Thailand and wish to reside in the country.

Prerequisites for a promising application are some two years of professional experience following a successfully completed academic degree. Naturally, the position demands the willingness to pursue one’s future in Thailand and to fully commit oneself to a medium-sized consultancy firm.

Excellent social skills and cultural sensitivity are just as essential as the ability to develop professional presentations and concepts and to negotiate with clients in a conclusive manner.

If interested, please contact Sanet management at  Find the job characteristics here and apply.

Process Engineer for Bruckner

Process engineers are among the most responsible team members in installation, quality assurance and efficiency improvement for the high-tech Brückner Lines.

As a world market leader, Brückner makes dedicated engineers the best in their field. After in-depth training, you will be a recognized expert in the team of Brückner Line Engineers throughout Southeast Asia.

Then check the job description here or send your CV with a current picture to Ms. Fah,

Electrical Engineers (IBN) for Bruckner Asia Pacific

Bruckner Maschinenbau from Germany builds the world’s best production lines for packaging and many other technical applications. Bruckner is even world market leader of Film Stretching Machines.

Would you like to become a team member of this fine company? After intensive training on current projects, would you love to travel throughout Asia Pacific to supervise electrical installation and commissioning of Bruckner Lines?

Then check the job description here or send your CV with a current picture to Ms. Fah,

An Exciting Internship in a Management Consultant Firm

Internships for Thai and European students

The Sanet Consulting Group offers students with very good academic results the opportunity of an exciting internship in a diverse consulting organization. Check our website for requirements and offers for young academics who want to do a mandatory internship in Thailand.