Our Sanet-HR Department keeping you informed

Internal and external positions available

One of Sanet’s core competencies is the recruitment and qualification of employees for western companies in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia. We specialize in finding qualified personnel with good English abilities and experience in western managed companies with an international orientation. Most of these individuals, whose potential roles build the backbone of a company, have either worked in sales, as personal assistants, quality managers or HR managers.

Intercultural teams at Sanet are especially on the lookout for local as well as international top managers, such as managing directors, general managers or production managers, all of whom then go through our professional evaluation process.
The following is a list of interesting positions which are currently available. For more information or to apply, please visit our Website or send us an email at [email protected]:

  • Business development manager – consultancy in Bangkok
    An opening for a management expert or lawyer who is an active and conceptual thinker with excellent communication and organizational skills as well as sales abilities. Must be ready to write published works and be able to speak and write in German. More information on our website or in a personal interview. The position to be filled is at our headquarters in Bangkok.
  • General manager for a mid-sized industrial enterprise in Thailand
    Looking for an experienced, ca. 50-year-old general manager who can use their cultural intelligence to manage a Thai company with a size of approximately 50 employees. Can be of either Thai or Central European nationality, as long as you have many years of experience living in Thailand. As an all-rounder, aside from leading the internal team, you will also be responsible for establishing key contacts to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Positions for interns and graduate students at a consulting firm in Bangkok
    If you are looking for an exciting and challenging mandatory (course-required) internship in a diverse consulting firm lasting 5-6 months, then this is the job for you. Students of business, law, journalism, communications, media technology, and other related occupations are welcome to apply for our internship positions. A more detailed description of the areas of training can be found on our website.
  • Accounting assistant
    Our office manager is hoping to find a young accountant to prepare records and documents for our accounting, which is handled externally. Applicants should speak very good English and have both good organizational skills as well as basic knowledge of accounting. This job offers a great opportunity to work with a young team in an international environment.

Please be advised: Sanet does not engage in headhunting, i.e. we do not take on jobs from other companies aimed at enticing members of your management team. Headhunting goes against our policies, which stress the importance of building trustworthy relationships with both our clients as well as a large number of industry contacts in our various locations.

To find out more about our professional approach, check out or website or arrange to come talk with our management team in person. Just ask for us to get in touch with you by sending an email to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can also write to us via our contact form or contact our HR department directly at [email protected].