Sanet (Thailand) Co. Ltd. offers a reliable German-Thai recruitment service to international companies in Thailand

Your European Recruiting Agency in Thailand.

With recruitment of skilled and loyal personnel remaining to be a great challenge in Thailand, Sanet (Thailand) Co. Ltd. offers with its German-Thai Agency Sanet CREATING CAREERS a reliable and trusted recruitment service to international SMEs in Thailand.

Focused at cross-cultural and middle management positions, the principle of the selection of Sanet CREATING CAREERS is a screening process through which choices are narrowed down and the evaluation of each applicant becomes more individualized in each phase of the process.

By carefully identifying, screening and filtering the most suitable candidates, Sanet CREATING CAREERS is helping an ever-growing number of international SMEs with the recruitment of ideal employees in Thailand.


  • Advise on the determination of job requirements
  • Dual candidate evaluation through local and international interviewers
  • Detailed reports of all shortlisted candidates
  • Candidate matching-tables for key requirements
  • Proposal and advise for remuneration and allowances

For more information about the approach and references of Sanet CREATING CAREERS, contact