Thai Engineers Enjoy Highest Respect

Sanet selects to commissioning teams

Foreigners are often questioning the qualifications of Thai employees. Sanet, by contrast, can report best experiences, a high reputation and broad recognition for its recruited Thai professionals.

Of course, it all depends on the proper selection.

Over the past 12 months, CREATING CAREERS, Sanet’s recruitment agency, has been called upon to fill numerous positions with truly international orientation. Thereby, the focus was on highly qualified technicians deployed abroad as Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers or Process Engineers for commissioning projects of plants with extremely high requirements. The response received from customers and colleagues across Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia was convincing:

No less positive was the echo to IT specialists, accountants or market analysts, who were qualified and recruited by Sanet for tasks at international companies in Thailand. They all quickly and successfully found their feet in their new jobs and soon enjoyed the recognition of their foreign colleagues. Roughly 30 multinational clients therefore rely on CREATING CAREERS, many of them repeatedly, for their hiring needs. You can count on one hand those employees who did not stay with their company for the long term.