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Planning your success for 2019: Sales and Distribution in South East Asia

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Success of yesteryear is exactly that: a thing of the past. Good sales managers start working on sales and distribution planning for the following year as soon as they return from their well-deserved summer vacation.“What market is going to drive further growth?“ is the question successful managers in various industries ask themselves. In this context, The World Bank and most economic institutions come to the same conclusion:

Southeast Asia will be the strongest and most stable growth region through 2035.

The German consulting firm, Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS, located in Bangkok, has specialized in the ASEAN countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia for over a decade. With its expert team of Thai-German economic consultants and distribution specialists, they have helped countless western companies with market entry, feasibility studies and direct investments in the region.

Three times a year the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS offer Austrian, German and Swiss companies the opportunity to receive free initial ASEAN consultation at their company’s premises:

20-28 September:        Germany, Switzerland
01-03 October:              Austria, Slovenia

The top two management consultants from the Sanet Group in Thailand, Alexander Alles und Dr. Gunter Denk are offering to visit your company on one of the dates shown above. Do not miss out on this opportunity to get initial advice on a strategy for Asia with a focus on the ASEAN region.

To schedule an appointment, simply write an email to We will then send a response email to determine the exact details of the appointment.

Sanet Legal Dr. Denk & Partner

The Thai-German legal firm with a full range of competencies

The Thai-German commercial law firm, Sanet Legal Dr. Denk & Partner based in Bangkok, is often the first contact point for western companies in Thailand. In recent months, the German legal firm of the Sanet Consulting Group in Thailand has been able to establish new partnerships and associateships to address special new legal matters.

While the legal experts of Sanet Legal had already long-enjoyed the reputation of providing reliable legal consultation to international companies in matters of company establishment, investing, labor laws and laws concerning foreigners, the acquisition of new partners hast meant the extension of competent legal advice with an industrial focus around the Bangkok Region and the Eastern Seaboard.

As of the summer of 2018, patent and trademark law (IP), support in financing and public listings, real estate law, maritime law, as well as inheritance and family law are now also part of our professional services. And should you find yourself stuck in a legal bind, Sanet Legal Dr. Denk & Partner in Bangkok can provide you with top-notch litigators for both civil and criminal matters. An extensive profile of the Thai-German legal group in Bangkok can be found by visiting

Fallstudie:“High cost but no sales!“

Case Study: Restructuring of distribution in Southeast Asia

It takes both time and patience to get your products onto a new market. It is also necessary to stay committed to your decision to choose that market. However, with the wrong setup in place, you will see that the number of tasks you have increases while the profits you gain do not. Such a situation requires a management team ready to do what it takes to ensure a reliable and sustainable business structure is in place to avoid stagnant or declining revenues.

Recently, Sanet had a case of precisely this type. After more than 2 million Euro in losses over three years, a mid-sized client decided it was time for a systematic restructuring of their company. They were determined to cut their losses, hoping to finally be able to realize the profit potential offered by the ASEAN market.

Click here to read the case study about succsseful distribution restructuring in Southeast Asia.

Having losses in Southeast Asia despite huge market potential? Then it is time to act. Sanet can help with the re-structuring of your ASEAN sales organization.