Fitness Trend in Thailand – earn money now!

NEW: Fitness Fair in Bangkok – Expression of a Social Trend!

The opening of the new fitness fair in Bangkok

Be part of the opening of the “Thailand Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo 2020” in Bangkok from 13 – 16 August 2020 for the very first time.

The organizers of this trade fair have recognized the increasing fitness trend and plan to hold this fitness fair annually. Fitness-conscious Thais are specifically made aware of brands and offers of companies in the fitness segment. This is a professional audience that is actively interested in a healthy lifestyle, fitness and wellness. This is not only due to the strongly increasing air pollution in the metropolis of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but the western fitness trend has arrived in Bangkok through the media. Especially key opinion leaders (also known as influencers) shape the needs of their followers in the numerous social media. It is essential that a healthy lifestyle is not only practiced but also shown to the outside world.

The organizers of the fair estimate that more than 10,000 interested people will visit this trade fair and more than 30 exhibitors will present themselves. This means that there will be about 330 interested visitors for every exhibitor. In comparison, the popular fitness trade show “FIBO“, which is held successfully in Germany every year, has a quota of approx. 130 visitors per exhibitor – 145,000 interested visitors with 1,100 exhibitors. For companies from the health/fitness/wellness sector this means that they will be presenting themselves to a broad mass of people for the first time in Bangkok! If you come from exactly this sector, think about a presence at this fair in August 2020 in Bangkok.

German companies in particular enjoy an excellent reputation in Thailand, as quality and reliability are a frequent selling point, alongside prestige. It therefore makes sense to position yourself at this trade fair right from the start. Because the later the presence or market entry, the more investment, competition and risk.

Thailand Trend: fitness as a status symbol of the upper middle class

A new market in which one should be present!

The annual turnover of the fitness industry in Thailand is € 43.8 million with a predicted annual growth rate of 4.4% to € 51.6 million in 2024 (Statista 2020 study)

Fitness trend not only opens up markets for pure functionality. For example, high-tech equipment is now diversifying through quality with multifunctional features and attractive design. The industry earns its money especially with cross-selling products such as sportswear, accessories & equipment, healthy food & dietary supplements.

According to a study by Asia City Media Group, 40.3% of the inhabitants of Bangkok who were surveyed visit a gym 2-3 times a week, followed by 37.2% who even go to the gym 4-6 times a week. Virgin Active is frequented by 13.4% of those surveyed, closely followed by Fitness First (11.7%). These two gym chains are thus the leaders in the premium sector in Thailand when it comes to the number of members.

Whether after work or relaxed at the weekend, fitness is at the top of the list of activities for many residents of Bangkok. Personal trainers are often called in to help.

The need to actively influence one’s own fitness and thus in turn one’s health is also reflected in the willingness to take money in hand accordingly. The majority of those interviewed (26.3%) pay 2,000 – 3,000 Baht (55 – 83 €) per month, 15.9% even 3,000 – 4,000 Baht (83 – 111 €) per month for membership in a fitness studio.

51% of those surveyed in Bangkok also say that they keep fit by running actively. The majority of them seek out treadmills in indoor areas, which can be explained by the rapidly increasing air pollution in the metropolis. Nonetheless, many fitness enthusiasts are also gathering to pursue this popular outdoor activity in the local Lumphini Park.

In the field of dietary supplements, it is not surprising that 39.1% of those interviewed in Bangkok rely on whey protein to supply their muscles with sufficient protein. A full 30% even consume caffeine and the same amount of fish oil, often omega-3 in liquid capsule form.

The demand for fitness and a corresponding lifestyle is reflected in the willingness of Thai people to take more money in hand.

About the Author:
Novy K. van der Wellingthon (LinkedIn)
Business Development Manager
at Sanet Group