Marketing & Service Hub in Thailand – This Is How It Works!

Market Access to Thailand for International SMEs

The Business Unit at Sanet as your Marketing & Service Hub for Thailand

Any European manufacturer is thrilled when he is able to fund his market entry cost into a new market through an initial order or a first project. However, precisely this first order often depends on being present in the new market through service and marketing. And so “the dog bites its tail” at this point.

Sanet Trade and Services offers a cost-efficient launch with its Sales & Service Hub for the first 2-5 years, for example. This 100% Thai Trading House is part of the Thai-German-Austrian Sanet Group in Bangkok.

The concept of the Sales & Service Hub is simple: Sanet Trade & Services, which already represents more than a dozen renowned companies in Thailand, establishes a separate Business Division (BU) for each principal. Then, according to the job profile, one or more sales experts or sales engineers are selected and hired, for example, for market development or technical customer support.

Markteinstieg nach Thailand für internationale Mittelständler

This could be “Your Man in Thailand “. Sanet Trade & Services near Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is home to more than a dozen international companies for which they provide marketing and technical services at transparent costs through an exclusive Business Unit.

The management and personnel costs of the Department (“Business Unit”) are remunerated with a fixed, pre-budgeted service fee.

The BU employees will enjoy the exchange of ideas with colleagues in the Sanet Group with its nearly 40 employees from sales, service and marketing and will work closely with the Principal on a professional level.

So “goodbye” to high trade margins and commissions and welcome to the sales and service family of Sanet Trade & Services.

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BOI Canvasses for Investments in Medical Technology

Sanet moderates and supports webinars of BOI offices in Paris and Frankfurt

Sanet was in good company at two very successful webinars hosted by the Board of Investment (BOI) of Thailand.

Organized by the dynamic BOI Director and Consul Sanlaya Aksharamat, a total of around 100 medical companies, first from Poland and later also from France and the UK, were provided with information about the medical market, the licensing procedures and the support measures offered by the Thai Board of Investment.

High-ranking representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Food and Drug Authorities (FDI), the BOI, the management of a Hospital Group, and other organizations gave an impression of the opportunities in Southeast Asia’s leading medical market Thailand.

Dr. Gunter Denk, founder of the Sanet Group in Bangkok, was pleased to accept the BOI’s invitation to moderate a seminar and also to provide information on the proper sales set-up for medical products in Thailand.