Sanet PULSE: Successful weeks for Sanet clients in Thailand


      • Technical seminar on hi-tech paint systems delights Thai automotive industry
      • Sanet gets BOI promotion approved for Austrian company

German technical company ASIS impresses Japanese automotive industry

Technical seminar on hi-tech paint systems attracts lots of attention

Now it is also possible for German companies to establish connections in the Japanese automotive industry as well. To make this happen, though, it is important to have the right local partner on site. Early this year, the German consultants of the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS in Thailand were successful in bringing together two leading companies in the sector.

Thai Pollutech is considered as the top company for the planning and establishment of production lines in the branch of paint technology. On the other side of the deal was ASIS GmbH from Landshut in Bavaria, Germany, an anagen developer and manufacturer at the top of their industry. Sanet was able to join the two companies in a contractual agreement to do business in Thailand and beyond.

A strong alliance: The management consultants of Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS, the German company ASIS and Thai Pollutech, the leading system integrator in Thailand for the installation of paint technology

The next step of this project was to get the automotive market in Thailand interested in the new technologies offered by the partnership. The Sanet consultants suggested a technical seminar to which leading engineers and decision-makers within Thailand’s auto industry were invited.

The seminar featured both introductory-level and more in-depth talks on flame treatment, sanding stations, paint supply systems and piggable paint systems, as well as cleaning and quality control systems.

German technology that knows how to impress in Asia: Markus Will, Sales Manager of ASIS, during an expert discussion with engineers from the Thai automotive industry

Thailand is the most important location for automotive production in ASEAN and, according to many predictions, is set to surpass Japan in the near future. In addition to Japanese and western manufacturers, now even Chinese automobile manufacturers are starting to invest in Thailand. At the same time, the country is transforming itself from a pure production location to a development and testing center for leading manufacturers in the inudstry.

The German consulting group, Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS, oversees both production projects as well asmarket entry projects in the Thai automotive market.


The Amata Spring Country Club in the automobile stronghold of Chonburi held a technical seminar for leading business moguls of the Japanese and western automobile industry in Thailand.

BOI promotion approved for Sanet client

Austrian company successfully established in Thailand

An Austrian mechanical engineering company received good news from Thailand in November. After the Thai-German legal office Sanet Legal Ltd. helped the Austrian company set up a fully-owned subsidiary in Bangkok, they then were able to move on the next important step in entering the market: the Board of Investment (BOI) in Thailand approved the promotion of the Thai company as a “Trade and Investment Support Office (TISO).

The promotion also includes a foreign business certificate for the company allowing them to actively solicit their products and consulting services in Thailand. Trade and sales operations not protected by such a certificate are exclusively reserved for foreign manufacturers in Thailand or companies with Thai majority ownership. Without this, foreign companies run the risk of facing severe legal consequences.

The superior technology of the Austrian company’s products compared to their more conventional competitors, the level of consultancy required for the technology and the local demand for the modern technology were all critical to ensuring their success in the Thai market.

The German-Thai consulting group Sanet supports western companies in Southeast Asia. Their approach of first defining the right business model based on economic factors and then implementing a legally solid plan via the affiliate legal office Sanet Legal Ltd. (Dr Denk and Partner) is what really sets them apart. Furthermore, the group offers industrial and trade representation in Thailand via their trading companySanet Trade & Services and qualified personnel searches through their recruiting company CREATING CAREERS.

The combination of Thai Top Lawyers and experienced Management Consultants makes Sanet Legal Ltd. the ideal first point of contact for European enterprises interested in the Thai market.