Sanet PULSE: Thailand becomes ‘Simple and Smart’ for Investors


      • Thailand becomes ‘simple and smart’ for investors
      • Sanet celebrates the end of a successful year 2018

Investment destination Thailand: “Simple and Smart”

Planned Inspection of more than 10,000 administrative processes 

“People in business want to spend their time worrying about the market they are in, their clients and their competitors. They do not want to waste their time running in circles as they are passed from one government official to the next“. That is a statement from Kobsak Pootrakool, who heads a committee directly subordinate to the PM for foreign investors interested in making their business run more smoothly in Thailand.

Thailand’s Prime Minister, General Prayut Chang-o-cha, was recently in Berlin, Paris, and other European capital cities, where he, together with the Sanet chair Dr. Gunter Denk and the new executive director Alexander Alles, promoted Thailand as one of the most attractive investment countries in Asia. His first order of business was handled during his travels to Europe as he set up a committee for the unification and simplification of Thai administrative agencies.

Cabinet minister Kobsak Pootrakool assured Sanet director Alexander Alles in a private discussion that he would be available to personally provide suggestions or assistance if investors had any complaints regarding any official red tape.

Additionally, the dynamic economic expert and right hand to the PM has also already announced several concrete measures to be implemented. For example, the inspection and nationwide alignment of over 1,000 administrative processes, part of the SS License (”Simple and Smart”) program, are scheduled to begin as early as May 2019. The goal of the program is to make these processes less time-consuming for investors.

SS licenses have been divided by Minister Kobsak into two so-called S-curve groups, the first of which consists of businesses in:

    • automobiles of the future
    • smart electronics
    • agriculture and bio-tech
    • food products of the future
    • sustainable tourism

The second S-curve group consists of: automation, air transport and logistics, bioenergy and biochemistry, medical and health technology, as well as the digital industry. Special incentives are granted especially to businesses in tourism as well as educational and innovative institutes, with up to 13 years of tax and duty exemptions awaiting investors doing business in these fields.

Dr. Kobsak Pootrakool during his speech at the German-Thai Economic Forum in Berlin 

2018 marked by organic growth and successful projects

Sanet celebrates the end of a successful year 2018

The Sanet Group enjoyed a look back at a successful year together at the Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit in Bangkok, where they celebrated the conclusion of important investment and market entry projects. COO Alexander Alles named the smooth and successful operations of the direct investment by the German automobile supplier SGF (Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik) from Bavaria as the year’s greatest achievement.

Aside from that, he also noted the successes of the German-Thai legal office Sanet Legal Ltd., which, in their first full year of operation, was able to complete two projects funded by the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) as well as being able to successfully lead the establishment of several companies and legal restructuring projects.

Sanet chair and legal expert Dr. Gunter Denk was particularly proud of the fact that, in addition to foreign investors, now more and more established Thai companies are beginning to trust in the business-minded legal advice of Sanet Legal.“This has to be what makes us stand out from other legal firms in the future”, Denk demanded from his team. “Our consultation services are not just limited to talking about legal clauses. We also want to first understand the corporate goals of our client and then help them achieve their goals with the right legal advice. “

Sanet expressed its thanks to its entire team for all the successful work this year through an elegant dinner buffet and a “free flow” of select wines at the Bangkok Marriott.