Sanet starts successfully into the new year: New Business Unit Partners and a valuable network for the European automation industry


  • New Business Units at Sanet Trade & Services
  • Sanet visits European companies in February 2018
  • Extensive network of system integrators
  • Sanet joins consulting network

New Business Units at Sanet Trade & Services

More industry leaders taking advantage of cost-efficient market entry

More frontrunners in the European MSE industry have decided to work with the German-Thai trading house Sanet Trade & Services Ltd. in 2018 to establish a viable sales presence in Southeast Asia.

The Business Unit model offers the ideal path for efficient market entry to MSEs hoping to establish a direct sales presence in Southeast Asia without incurring the costs and administrational expenses of opening their own company.

Sanet provides them everything that they need. At present, Sanet Trade & Services is collaborating with MHT Mold & Hotrunners, Tunap, Kraiburg TPE, Sames Kremlin, Vogelsang Maschinenbau, STRAIL, ASIS, DELO Industrieklebstoffe, Rutronik and Hella in the promising market of Southeast Asia, composing a rather substantial list of renowned European companies.

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Peter Klöpfer (Director of Sales Southeast Asia for Rutronik GmbH) in a client meeting at the Sanet Business Unit 

Sanet comes to Europe in February 2018

Make an appointment with the top consultants of Sanet

In February 2018, Sanet will be travelling to Europe for a personal presentation of the company’s consulting services. This provides enterprises interested in a potential market expansion to Southeast Asia with the opportunity to personally meet and discuss their respective market potential with the top consultants of Sanet, Dr. Gunter Denk and Johannes Kraus.

Companies interested in scheduling a on-site meeting with Sanet in February 2018, should contact [email protected]  

Sanet’s extensive network of system integrators

Valuable contacts for European automation companies 

As part of the partner recruitment for the German company from Landshut, Bavaria, Automation Systems & Intelligent Solutions GmbH, Sanet was able to develop a wide-reaching network of qualified systems integrators in Southeast Asia.

This gave Sanet crucial access to valuable contacts especially important for European companies specializing in the field of automation technology. Such contacts are game-changing because even though there is a high demand for European automation technology in Southeast Asia, many sales fail to close due to lack of feasibility when it comes to continuous installation and integration into the manufacturing facilities already in existence.

Given that the development of local after sales service is associated with high costs and administrative expenses in Southeast Asia, it is thus even more important for European companies to have qualified local systems integrators at their disposal to exploit Southeast Asia’s growing market.

Please email [email protected] to find out more about Sanet’s network of systems integrators.


Southeast Asia offers great market potential for European Automation companies; with qualified system integrators being key to success

Sanet joins consulting network

Uniform quality standard for consulting in the new markets

Sanet joined a union for renowned consulting companies for MSEs. The consulting network will gain in Sanet a  knowledgeable member when it comes to the expanding market of Southeast Asia. With its quality standards and regular exchange between various project teams, the organization offers a comprehensive performance dossier with flexible and open consultancy for growing markets in China, India, Iran and Southeast Asia.

Durch einen einheitlichen Qualitätsstandard sowie regelmäßigem Austausch verschiedener Projektteams, bietet der Verbund ein umfassendes Leistungsportfolio mit ergebnisoffener Beratung für die Wachstumsmärkte China, Indien, Iran und Südostasien an.

The following well-known consulting firms are also a part of this network:

Far Eastern Consulting

A German consulting firm with more than 20 years of active presence in China, they are among the most successful German consulting firms in the Middle Kingdom.

Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH

A German company providing consultancy for business ventures in India and Iran to European companies who need help planning, implementing, monitoring and optimizing their business operations and projects in India.

In June 2018, the consulting network will hold a series of events revolving around the topic of “Developing and Optimizing Sales in Emerging Markets”. The event will take place in Germany. Further information will be released in forthcoming issues of the Sanet Newsletter.