The localisation of procurement

A foreign investment has not been completed if suitable local suppliers have not been found. A dense network of suppliers ensures favourable procurement costs, duty-free supply, good quality and competitive prices. Sanet supports your localisation competently and reliably with information, expertise, networking and during negotiations:


We define the requirements for your new suppliers together, e.g. their technical equipment and professional qualifications.


Our engineers and purchasing experts are experienced and competent at researching possible suppliers. We evaluate and rank them all according to the same criteria and provide an in-depth profile, with samples and quotes [estimates? bids? range of goods?], if necessary.


Decades of activity in the midst of local industry creates networks through which no potential supplier remains undiscovered. Direct and indirect personal relationships with more than 4,000 companies guarantees access to almost all [sectors, industries] types of business.


Our consulting experience and deep knowledge of business culture ensure that we are the right partner for you in the initial negotiations and also ensure successful price negotiations with the new suppliers.

Sanet Asean Advisors

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