Anton Abson (second from right) with the team of the “IT-M Business Unit” at Sanet Trade & Services, as built up by the Sanet management team around Fabian Sonntagbauer (far left) and Dr. Gunter Denk (far right) especially for the Austrian IT entrepreneur.


An Austrian entrepreneur chooses a service in Thailand as the winning solution for his company’s international expansion.

We interviewed Anton Abson about the reasons behind expanding his IT services via a Business Unit in Thailand at Sanet Trade & Services for the implementation of his services in Asia. He tells about the benefits and special characteristics of a team of professionals working for him in Thailand and about the service in Thailand that he has found with the SANET Group.

Read here the blunt opinion of a strong family entrepreneur about skilled workers in Europe, the special features of Thai employees and the opinion about the “Thai-typical” business model of the Sanet Group as his service partner in Thailand.

Sanet: Mr. Abson, you are the owner of the successful Austrian family business IT-M GmbH in the IT sector. Can you first briefly explain what your particular services are?

Anton Abson: Well, basically our business model is to improve the performance of IT projects using innovative methods. Or, to put it in more practical terms, we check and improve our customers’ internal workflow when implementing IT projects. And the special part is that we have to work in a results-oriented way because we also take direct responsibility for implementing these improvements.

Sanet: That sounds exciting. Can you explain how you found the courage to internationalize your company in this way?

Anton Abson: We are and have always been international when it comes to our customers. They are mainly based in Germany, but also in other EU countries. In the past, projects have taken us as far as the USA and nowadays to Asia.

We love the diversity that we experience in these international projects.  Yet the implementation of our projects has become increasingly challenging with an organization that is limited to Europe.

While IT projects require ever greater flexibility, the job market is moving in the opposite direction. It is almost impossible to find people at short notice who are willing to travel or to work hours adapted to the project schedule.

We do have well-educated and very committed young people in Europe. However, there is also a growing number of people who do not have balanced expectations in terms of salary and working hours.

This is perhaps due to the fact that education has become a business. Students are led to believe that if they have a degree from a particular university or university of applied sciences, for example, they have already achieved everything and automatically belong to the elite.

The general “whining” about the shortage of skilled workers will also play its part in increasing expectations.

Sanet: And why did you chose exactly Thailand as the location for the implementation and expansion of these services? Have there been alternatives?

In principle, it made sense to go to Asia because many of our projects are implemented in this region. In Austria, we also employ a team of people from India who are really agile and ready for action and are a great support. Unfortunately, there are not as many Indians in Austria as we would need.

So, Thailand seemed like a good option. It is very easy and quick to get to and the infrastructure is okay. The country’s overall package is simply a good fit for an international company.

Sanet: You have opted for contractual cooperation with Sanet for your services in Thailand and Asia. A special Business Unit was set up there for your IT services. Which were the main arguments behind this decision?

Anton Abson: We were looking for a partner with the flexibility to set up and provide the necessary services immediately. Our first point of contact was Außenwirtschaft Österreich, and they recommended that we should get in touch with Sanet. Sanet responded quickly and implemented a new service area without any bureaucratic delays.

Sanet: The fact that Sanet also has an Austrian co-management did not play a role?

Anton Abson: No, rather that was a pleasant side effect. A key role in business is always played by the person you want to do business with. And my fellow countryman Fabian Sonntagbauer really is the right person.

Sanet: How do you get on with the Thai employees that CREATING CAREERS, the Sanet staffing agency in Thailand, has recruited? Please tell our readers what it’s like dealing with them and what you perhaps didn’t expect.

Anton Abson: I put their commitment and talent on the same level as that of our Indian employees. It is true that Thai employees are simply a little more sensitive culturally than the very even-tempered Indians, who therefore seem easier to deal with.

We try to convey to the employees at the Sanet Business Unit who work for us that “mistakes are part of learning” and not a “personal shortcoming”. We have good experience with this and feel that the Thai team members are suddenly extremely open and eager to learn. Like everyone, they have an interest in gaining new experiences.

That is substantial, because IT also means being confronted with innovations and new processes every day. (laughs) … As an IT person, you are simply always wandering through life (continues laughing) and must always have a high willingness to make mistakes and the openness to be confronted with innovations and new processes every day (laughs).

At any rate, it is much more enjoyable to work with these people than with those who already make demands before their first practical experience, and who others have to work hard to achieve in practice.

Sanet: For you, what is the cooperation with Sanet, the management consultancy for Asia and Thailand, like?

Anton Abson: (Laughs again) I think you know me well enough to know that I don’t blow “powdered sugar” up anyone’s backside.  That includes you too. So there is always room for improvement. The Sanet business model is quite Thailand-specific, but that’s probably why it suits Thailand so well.

Since the personal relationship with the management is very good, they always respond quickly to our requirements and the employees are very well selected, the result is a good fit.

I have already recommended Sanet to others who want fast and reliable solutions for service in Thailand.

Sanet: Thank you very much, Mr. Abson. That really is an honest answer for once. Our readers will appreciate it.