What Does Recruitment Cost in Thailand?

What Does Recruitment Cost in Thailand?

The answer might surprise you: In most cases, headhunting in Thailand or using a qualified recruitment agency will actually save you money.

Let’s start by asking the question the other way around. Let’s calculate what a poor personnel decision would cost. And let’s not even consider internal costs.

But now let’s imagine that we’ve found an unsolicited candidate. His CV makes a good impression, he behaves well in the interview, and he points out his great achievements in the past and with other employers.

So he gets hired. There seems to be no reason not to.

If, for example, it is a technical salesperson who is frequently required to travel to customers, and we assume that he does not steal silver spoons in the first week or is caught driving to the nearest pub instead of to the customer, the first feedback from customers will come after 3-4 weeks at best – but not yet.

If this feedback is critical but not yet a disaster, the HR department will want to talk to him and monitor him more closely from now on. If it turns out in the second month that he is unlikely to be suitable for the job, he can be dismissed.

As a 30-day notice period also applies during the probation period in Thailand, and this notice period only comes into effect on the next payday after the 30 days have expired, three full months’ salary must already be paid if notice is given in the second month.

If you are not careful and only give notice at the end of the probationary period, you will quickly have 120 days of service and one month’s statutory severance pay will be added.

As a result, a poor personnel decision costs at least 3-4 months’ salary. What’s even worse is that you have let a demonstrably unsuitable employee loose on your customers. Trust has been lost or even the one or other customer. The same also applies to internal service. If a machine is down because a maintenance engineer is missing or unqualified, a million Thai baht is quickly lost.

And now let’s look at the costs of recruitment. A good recruitment agency in Thailand may also charge around three months’ salary for its work and yet, will make the fee success-based.

Using our individual selection process at CREATING CAREERS, two experienced recruitment experts will examine the professional qualifications, the personality, the job history and the motivation of the candidates whom we ultimately recommend for employment. A rate of 83% of employees placed who have been with the company for more than one year and over 74% who are still working there more than two years later speaks for our selection process.

In short: good recruitment in Thailand does not cost money, it saves money and customer annoyance in the end.