Bavarian investments and job opportunities in Thailand – Sanet Intern Newsletter February 2018

Sanet ensures success with direct investments in Thailand

The long-standing Upper Bavarian company Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (SGF) has decided to set up shop in Southeast Asia’s automobile industry via the development of their own production site in Rayong (Thailand). The plan going forward is to become a strategic partner within the Asian automobile industry, the next step following the recent completion of a restructuring back home in Bayern.

Our Sanet-HR Department keeping you informed

Internal and external positions available.
One of Sanet’s core competencies is the recruitment and qualification of employees for western companies in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia. We specialize in finding qualified personnel with good English abilities and experience in western managed companies with an international orientation.

Recruitment consulting must be transparent

The effects of personnel decisions are long term. It usually takes months before management and the other staff members can begin to see what a new hire brings to the table – for better or for worse – and whether or not the decision to bring this person on was the correct one.