Expert health advise for high performers and traveling managers

Many of Sanet’s clients are constantly traveling internationally and experience a lot of stress through tight schedules, difficult business negotiations and the need to adapt constantly to different cultures.

Dr. Franz Milz, medical specialist and bestseller author, sat down with Johannes C. Kraus, Business Development Manager of Sanet, to give recommendations for traveling managers on how to improve personal performance and personal health.

Sanet PULSE: Latest updates from the Sanet Group in Bangkok – June 2018

The International Headquarter and International Trading Center aim to turn Thailand into the hub of ASEAN. The Thai government hopes to increase the country’s status as a hub via new incentives for International Headquarters and Trading Centers. The funding program offers tax incentives, such as exemptions similar to the system used in Hong Kong system, as well as affordable flat-rate taxation for foreign managers. The promotion effort also includes an easing of the requirements for visa and work permits.

Bavarian investments and job opportunities in Thailand – Sanet Intern Newsletter February 2018

Sanet ensures success with direct investments in Thailand

The long-standing Upper Bavarian company Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (SGF) has decided to set up shop in Southeast Asia’s automobile industry via the development of their own production site in Rayong (Thailand). The plan going forward is to become a strategic partner within the Asian automobile industry, the next step following the recent completion of a restructuring back home in Bayern.