Well then, cheers …

A good government cares for the health of its citizens. Such is also the case in Thailand. Everyone knows how unhealthy alcohol is and so the responsible Ministry controls the alcohol consumption there with all its power and competence.

Therefore, between 11:00 and 14:00 and after 17:00, no one can serve or sell alcohol. This is why a morning pint to remedy hangovers is at a first glance seams not so easy to get. But still there is a way, since more than 10 litres of alcohol can be bought outside these hours. This is allowed and the normal daily stock for a habitual drinker. The Ministry assumes that no one can drink 10 litres of tasty beer without getting stomach pains or that only a trader would buy so much alcohol. It does not know Bavarians well enough however!

However at small convenience, even the readiness to purchase 10 litres may not suffice to get one’s “staff”. In view of the Ministry, traders only buy alcohol in supermarkets and not in small shops. They only own these shops and sell the alcohol. However, not before 11:00 and after 14:00 since they then go to buy 10 litres of distilled alcohol at supermarkets.

As a matter of facts, even this elucidation of the law is not completely true. Certain supermarkets in which foreign people mostly shop at are allowed to sell alcohol all day long. For the government it seems that the liver of foreign people is generally more resistant, which the Thai people can also once a while may observe in day to day life. However, the Thai people can also buy alcohol in these supermarkets except on and during election days and certain public holidays. On those days, no option remains!

But again, this is not the full story and completely true: In 5-star hotels, alcohol may be consumed at any time. Even before 11:00 and between 14:00 and 17:00 and after midnight, but with the exception of election days. Then, hand trembling can be prevented at minibars. Italian restaurants mostly are excluded from any restrictions on alcohol sales. Since the prohibition in USA, Sicilian Mafiosi know how to get around the alcohol laws.

The legal regulations apply in Bangkok and in large cities. They also apply in small cities and rural areas. However, there no one bothers about them. Alcohol is served with a nice smile in quantities varying between 0.5 litres and 10 litres even at 16:30 or in the morning at half past six. Except for election days and certain public holidays, of course!

Rumours tell that an increasing number of people are hitting the bottle and constantly getting drunk. Out of despair, apparently, since they do not understand the state alcohol laws!