January Newsletter

Free Initial Consultation and on Market Entry, Legal and Investment in Thailand

Get to know Sanet and assess our competence

Selecting advisors is difficult: whom to trust and who will advise with expertise? That is why Sanet, the German-speaking consultancy in Thailand, offers a cost-free and informal video conference with its management.

You choose the appointment. Simply enter your meeting request here in the online calendar.

Investing in Thailand – the location assessment

Find the right location professionally with Sanet consultants

“Good preparation is better than quick action”. This maxim applies in particular to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). With this in mind, that article looks at site selection and site assessment as a key risk management criterion.

It highlights the most relevant criteria which are specific to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Foundations needed up to 40 m deep, situation during the rainy season or even third party emissions, which are not known to the investor at the time of purchase, threaten to make the investment fail.

Sanet shows here what to look for.

Investieren in Thailand

The diligent selection of building land requires years of experience. Up to 80 criteria, some of them country-specific, must be assessed to avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of construction costs or, for example, operation during the rainy season. Sanet understands where the pitfalls are to be looked for and stands alongside the investors.

Payroll service for medium-sized companies

The Sanet service team in Bangkok takes the work off your hands

For small and medium-sized companies (SME) in Thailand, it is not easy to always keep track of labor law and payroll tax requirements. Personnel accounting is often time-consuming and legally risky on top.

The Sanet Group in Thailand reliably does the work for you, yet, even for “small money”! Whether punctual payment, expense report, payment of social security contributions and payroll tax or the latest labor law requirements, Sanet handles all this professionally. You receive one monthly statement and that’s it for you.

Simply contact us via our contact form and we will get in touch with you. Gladly in Thai, English or even German.

The Big Overview on Market Entry

Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS explain the options for market entry in Thailand

Thailand protects its traders and service providers from competition by foreigners. These are therefore initially prohibited from trading and providing services under threat of legal punishment. This also applies to Thai companies with a foreign majority shareholding. The Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS explain the tools how you can still sell your products successfully and legally in Thailand.

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