Technical Procurement (Procurement Engineer)

Job highlights

  • Bonus,Provident Fund,Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Good English, 5 Years Experience in Procurement
  • German Company, Strong growth, Secure position

Job description

In Thailand, the fast-growing and BOI-supported Brückner Group Asia Pacific is activesince 2021, and it is now preparing a production for the Brückner Group in Rayong Province.

Therefore, Brückner Group Asia-Pacific will engage a skilled Technical Buyer for the Group’s technical services and its projected production. You qualify for this position with good general and technical English skills, and technical as well as also commercial business expertise.

Main duties

  • Selection and qualification of suppliers
  • Performing local and international procurement
  • Participation in implementing cost reduction measures
  • Implementation of deadline tracking and measures to secure deadlines
  • Assist management on supplier involvement for development and assurance ofquality specifications

Key skills required

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Mechatronics, Industrial and Electrical Engineering or Business Administration
  • Very good command of English, also in technical contexts
  • At least 5 years of experience as a reliable and accountable buyer
  • Strong mechanical or technical understanding and dedication
  • Strong understanding of technical drawing 2D,3D
  • Proven negotiation skills in opening up and developing supplier relationships
  • Well established network with technical manufacturers in Thailand andneighboring countries

Other tasks

  • Conduct supplier evaluation and development (expediting and inspection)
  • Development of a concept for balancing stock presence and capital preservation
  • Implementation of a system for tracking and securing deadlines
  • Handling of complaints
  • Assist management in involving suppliers on the development and of qualityspecifications assurance

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Company overview

Bruckner Group Asia Pacific is a member of the family-owned Bruckner Group,headquartered in Germany. Founded in 1960, the company today leads a group of independent and strong engineering companies. More than 2,900 employees in 34 offices worldwide take care of their customers. With its pioneering technologies in film stretching, Brückner is the world market leader in this field of machine building. In Thailand, the Brückner Group has been present since 2021 through a fast growing and BOI supported subsidiary.

In 2021, Brückner Group Asia Pacific in Thailand was established as a platform company not only for technical services and commissioning of the Group’s leading machinery and technical services provided by Brueckner Maschinenbau, Kiefel, ServTech and PackSys. Moreover, the Thai platform in Rayong also supports these world famous Companies in their Brand Awareness and Marketing all over Asia Pacific. Now, in 2023, the Brückner Group Asia Pacific will commence with these tasks to effectively establish its customer and market support for the entire Group Businesses in Asia Pacific.

Already in 2022, the company has even decided to expand its activities into the productio nof important machine sections and to develop Thailand into an Asian hub with numerous, strategic tasks. As a result, the Brückner Group Asia Pacific now offers future-proof jobs to a large number of Thai experts for commissioning, technical services, commercial management tasks, as well as production and marketing.

Now, in 2023, the Brückner Group Asia Pacific will commence with these tasks to effectively establish its customer and market support for the entire Group Businesses in Asia Pacific..


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