Thai-German Legal Firm Rounds off the Service of the Sanet Group


The integration of SANET LEGAL LTD. (SLL) to the Sanet Group

The Sanet Consulting Group has been providing comprehensive support services to western companies in Thailand and other ASEAN nations for 14 years. The integration of the Thai – German led law firm SANET LEGAL LTD. (SLL) in September promises to raise the group’s advisory expertise to an even higher level.

This new addition to the Sanet Group means they will now be capable of acting as a one-stop-advisory service for international enterprises from Europe, Australia and the USA.

Sanet Legal Ltd. is a joint venture between highly qualified Thai legal specialists and the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS led by its founder and counselor Dr. Gunter Denk.  The Sanet Legal team specializes in the fields of common law, customs, taxation and product registration, as well as foreign business regulations, labor, and intellectual property laws. All experts have been trained in either the USA, UK or Germany, with the barristers of the Sanet Group being accredited within the Thai court system. The team also has especially close contacts with the authorities in Thailand, such as the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), which oversees investment promotion for foreign businesses.

This also means that companies from Europe or the US will now be able to choose whether they first wish to consult with the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS to develop a strategy for their entry into a new foreign investment, or whether they would prefer to dive straight in and found a company to do it themselves.  Sanet will even be prepared to support both options through one advisory service.

Sanet case teams discussing the correct market entry strategy for a Swiss client  

Sanet One-Stop-Service consists of these business fields:

Sanet (Thailand) Co Ltd. offers its clients practical strategy consulting even when they are still in the early brainstorming phases of their company’s internationalization. Sanet provides feasibility studies, site evaluations and customized strategies for market entry to its clients, ensuring all their decisions are well-informed.

By providing project management assistance which includes the vetting of construction planners, the handling of the tender and investment promotion processes, as well as the procurement of business equipment, Sanet guides foreign investments all the way up to the start of production.

The subsidiary Sanet Trade & Services Co. Ltd., a trading house with both import and export licenses, is a suitable and capable distribution agency for international MSEs who need to be able to depend on the engineering knowledge within the distributing organization. For such companies, Sanet functions as a link to local customers and dealers. However, this is not all that Sanet is able to offer.

Additionally, the trading house also currently offers marketing services for the products of nearly a dozen highly specialized European SMEs in the form of jointly managed business units (BU) with a specialized recruitment process to find the best employees for each and every company.

Via the fourth business field CREATING CAREERS, the Sanet Group is also there to support globally oriented companies in the recruitment of specialized personnel. Following Sanet’s expansion into this business segment in 2016, they have already recruited over 20 highly qualified Thai employees to fill positions in general management, factory management, field sales management, customer service, marketing engineering, assistance for western management and even accounting.

Thus, both Thai and Western companies will find in the Sanet Group, with its base office in Thailand and its liaison offices in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Laos, a partner who is ready to provide support in any type of corporate situation.