Planning for 2017: Expansion to Southeast Asia

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In these months plans for 2017 will be made. Quite often this could mean for medium-sized enterprises a business expansion to or in Asia. A proper preparation of said intention is more important than big budgets.

Also in 2016, the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS once more are accompanying six international medium-sized companies during their investments in Vietnam, Thailand and others AEC states. Four of the before-mentioned clients are in the mechanical engineering, automotive and electronic, food-processing and environmental engineering industry and are already investing in their own manufactures. As in 160 projects before, Sanet consults its clients on choosing the fitting corporate-structure, acquiring investment incentives, procuring land, announcing construction and ensuring a local full-service support.

Well-known brands put their trust into the hands of the industry advisors of Sanet regarding their reorganization or a restructuring of their distribution channels. Sanet experts convince board members and stakeholders of the operative planning by delivering concepts. If requested, the sales team of Sanet Trade & Services takes responsibility for success in the Start-up-phase.

Around 40 international and local experts support Western companies as “Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS” at versatile tasks in Southeast Asia. The Bangkok advisory team works closely with “hidden champions” from the middle-class and international corporate groups.

Thereby Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS could consolidate their image as leading industry consultants. Their scope of services includes legal structuring, a neat corporate planning and support with expert advice throughout ongoing projects. Experienced Western project managers and local experts ensure well-structured processes.

ASEAN ADVISORS easily assist with their experience in:

  • Investment planning, corporate structure- and foundation, acquiring local investment incentives
  • Market research, distribution setting, business planning, budgeting and sales planning
  • Restructuring of companies, joint ventures and distribution organization
  • Feasibility studies, site selection, construction announcements
  • Localization of sourcing, recruitment and training

The distributor Sanet Trade & Services carries out the sale in the ASEAN region by representing or establishing regional distribution centers.

Tip 1:

Learn as a student or trainee at ASEAN ADVISOR in Bangkok: We offer internships with participation of international projects for economics, law or similar students in our Bangkok headquarters. You should be interested in absolving ideally six months in an intercultural atmosphere. For further details feel free to visit our Career page.

Concentrated ASEAN-Knowledge on the website of the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS

If you want to know more about the work of Sanet and the right approach to internationalize in Asia, you can find References and Case studies on the website of Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS as well as Business News with detailed presentations and publications. For example, the following topics:

  • Investing in Asia: The feasibility study
  • Investing in Asia: Site evaluation
  • Investing in Asia: Project organization
  • Legal and practical requirements for sales in ASEAN
  • Sales Management in ASEAN countries

We also recommend a look at the various press releases of Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS on issues such as Funding Guidelines of the ASEAN States, Personnel Policies, Country Comparison and many more. Furthermore, you are able to find the learning E-Book “ASEAN for Professionals” with hundreds of pages from international experts on topics related to Business in Southeast Asia on the homepage of the website.

Tip 2:

Your opportunity for a first acquaintance with Sanet:
If you have plans for Southeast Asia and are a decision-maker of your company, we should get to know each other personally on management level. Trust postulates a personal encounter. Just send an E-Mail to gunter.denk@sanet.euand we make an appointment in the first half of November 2016 directly at your company with our founder and president Dr. Gunter Denk. Alternatively, we can set up a meeting on another date or location.

Myanmar is seeking partners in the energy industry

A nationwide electrification is aimed for the year 2030

Myanmar’s energy supply is one of the most incomplete worldwide. Around 70 percent of the population cannot access electricity. A complete electrification of the country should be reached by the year 2030. In order to achieve this goal, the set-up of 7.2 million new connections is required, which equals 420.000 new connections per year.

An increase by 50 percent of the current investments is necessary, though not possible for Myanmar due to a lack of financial resources. This creates attractive opportunities for foreign investors, energy consultancies and relating industries. Particularly renewable energies, such as wind and solar energy, will be the main focus of attention. Presently 70 percent of the available 4,255 Megawatts of Myanmar are produced from water power and 27 percent from natural gas.

The „4th Great Mekong Subregion Power Summit“ in November 2016 in Yangon offers further insights of the opportunities in said sector and the possibility of a first exchange of ideas. For further information please feel free to contact our SANET-Expert Lukas Brandau. E-Mail