Bavarian investments and job opportunities in Thailand – Sanet Intern Newsletter February 2018


    • Bavarian company develops into international MSE
    • Technical Sales Position in Thailand
    • New Job-portal for professional challenges in Thailand
    • Shooting star of the year: Thailand
    • New free-trade agreements between Hong Kong and ASEAN

Long-established Bavarian company develops into international MSE

Sanet ensures success with direct investments in Thailand

The long-standing Upper Bavarian company Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (SGF) has decided to set up shop in Southeast Asia’s automobile industry via the development of their own production site in Rayong (Thailand). The plan going forward is to become a strategic partner within the Asian automobile industry, the next step following the recent completion of a restructuring back home in Bayern.

The construction of the new manufacturing unit already began back in April 2017. Prior to that, the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS conducted a thorough assessment of various industrial parks in the region. Furthermore, taking advantage of the firm’s strong ties to the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), the German-Thai legal firm Sanet Legal Ltd. was able to secure investment privileges such as the duty-free import of materials for any new SGF production, as well as other benefits.

Sanet is proud to have been able to play a part the growth of this company so steeped in tradition into an international MSE. Further information regarding investment assistance provided to SGF can be found here. Any other companies considering expanding their production to Southeast Asia now have the opportunity to obtain non-binding praxis-relevant information simply by contacting

The construction of a new production site in Rayong inches SGF one step closer to the Asian automobile industry. In the coming years, Thailand will function as the supply base for clients in China, Japan, and Korea, as well the other ASEAN member states.

Technical Sales Position in Thailand

Sanet Trade & Services seeks additional staff

Sanet Trade & Services is offering key account managers who are well-versed in technology the rare chance to work in a sales position for a Central European company stationed in Thailand. As Sanet’s sales supervisor, you will be responsible for taking care of distributors as well as key clients. You will work together with our marketing team to identify and acquire distributors for new clients. You will work in close cooperation with the management teams of our clients as well as with distributors to create business plans and oversee implementation. More details can be found here.

Professional challenges in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Companies able to find quality candidates via Sanet Job Portal

The Sanet Job Portal offers managers interested in taking on new professional challenges in Southeast Asia the ideal opportunity to present their personal qualifications to the thousands of visitors who frequent Sanet’s website. At the same time, Sanet’s portal also gives both local and international businesses in Southeast Asia continual access to a talent pool of highly qualified candidates from various industries. Click here to submit an application via the portal. We are happy to handle any enquiries you may have. Just contact

On the rise this year: Thailand

Thailand most attractive country worldwide for founding a company 

Thailand is deemed to be this year’s country on the rise for two reasons: for the second year in a row, Thailand was chosen by a total of 80 countries in the US News and World Report as the number one country in which to found a company. Additionally, the short duration and low costs for company registration alongside the comparatively low enterprise density in the country considering the rapidity with which purchase power is increasing are very inviting to European investors.

Even more impressive is that Thailand outdid its performance last year in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report by 22 positions (from Rank 48 to Rank 26), a report in which World Bank provides an annual assessment of the operational frameworks of companies, the current regulatory environment, as well as steps being enacted towards reform in 189 countries. Among the countries ranked, Thailand placed in the top 15% of all industrial nations worldwide, putting Thailand in second place in Southeast Asia just behind Singapore, which took the silver medal overall once again, just behind New Zealand.

ASEAN – the world’s new free-trade hub

New free-trade agreements between Hong Kong and ASEAN

Seven years after already doing so with Beijing, ASEAN has now reached a free-trade agreement with Hong Kong as well. The agreement between the ASEAN states and the special autonomous region of Hong Kong, which came into effect at the beginning of this year, covers mutual obligations pertaining to trade in goods, services and investments, as well as economic and technical cooperation. This enables Southeast Asia to continue to remain the new free-trade hub of the world, despite the difficulties currently faced by free-trade at the global level.

The new free-trade agreement can also be viewed as an important step in regard to the forthcoming Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). RCEP membership will comprise the ASEAN nations as well as Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and now Hong Kong. With 3 billion consumers, the RCEP states make up more than 40% of all global trade. Stay tuned for more updates on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in upcoming newsletters.


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