Fabian Sonntagbauer, COO of the Sanet Group, at a barbecue for the Group’s team in Khao Yai, honors the commitment of Angelika Mooser and Julian Scholl, who are completing their internship in Thailand with the Sanet Group.


The consultants at SANET ASEAN ADVISORS in Bangkok are a popular destination for business economists, management students and lawyers who want to spend their internship in Thailand working on active projects and gaining an in-depth introduction to Asian business culture.

Time and again, students of business administration or law who have worked as “Visiting Experts” with the Sanet Group in Thailand have gone on to take up leading positions in industry, financial service providers or the judiciary. Many remain associated with Sanet for many years.

At present, two particularly bright German students with a thirst for knowledge are once again impressing with great interest not only in the cultural insights of Southeast Asia, but also in the interesting “everyday life” of a consulting firm.

Both are studying at the HTWG Asian Studies & Management in Constance/Germany.

And thus, Angelika Mooser and Julian Scholl were even honored by COO Fabian Sonntagbauer at the Sanet Group’s end-of-year party for their special commitment and recognizable initiative in developing processes and working in the team, for which they had previously been unusually independent, and rewarded with a small “extra pocket money” as a personal gift.

During her internship in Thailand, Angelika Mooser decided to focus on joining the Sanet CREATING CAREERS recruitment team. She initially took part in intercultural interviews as an observer and assessment assistant, prepared reports and assessments for clients and also independently conducted initial interviews with short-listed candidates. After this initial experience, she was soon ready to even actively participate in decision-making consultations and interviews with clients.

Julian Scholl found his core interest in the Group’s Business Development. During his internship in Thailand, he gained a deep insight into the Sanet Group’s wide range of services, from management and legal advice to project management for investments, market analysis, market

entry strategies and recruitment. His quick thinking enabled him to practically apply his experience in defining the clients’ interest into new activities in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website and also in Social Media.

It was particularly impressive that he managed to measure the successes directly and together with professional advice from expert Sabrina Bohn from Fulda in Germany.

Of course, these focal points of the Sanet interns were repeatedly supplemented by specific research and analysis tasks for consulting clients. Thus, there was never a dull moment. Every year, the Sanet Group trains four to six mostly European, but also Thai students as part of their Internship Program in Thailand.

For legal reasons, foreigners must have a period of 4-6 months confirmed as a compulsory internship in order to obtain an ED (training visa). You may find more information on this on the Sanet website at