The management of BMC and Sanet (in the center BMC Managing Director and Co-owner Frank Haug) have reason to celebrate: their application for investment promotion in Thailand has been approved by the BOI.


The BOI in Thailand grants government incentives for investors in Thailand. The benefits, such as tax and customs exemptions, the right to land ownership, exemption from the ban on trade for foreign companies or the right to offer services as a foreigner, are subject to strict conditions.

The Sanet Group, with its entrepreneurial management and legal consulting services in Thailand, specializes in leading the application process for investment promotion in Thailand to success.

Two German companies have now received funding approval tailored to their planned activities in Thailand.

Bodo Möller Chemie GmbH from Frankfurt owns 50 years of experience as a specialist for the application of chemical customized products and technical supply of formulated epoxy systems as well as all existing adhesive solutions for the automotive, railroad and aviation industry, electrical and electronics industry, paint and coatings industry as well as the textile industry.

Sanet advised to apply for an International Business Center (IBC), assisted in preparing the detailed business plan and managed the application process at the BOI in Thailand. Now the good news has come: BMC will be authorized to sell its services and products directly to the important automotive industry in Thailand through a wholly owned subsidiary. In the meantime, Sanet Legal, the International Legal Consultancy in Thailand, has also swiftly set up the company.

Spaleck’s Managing Director in Thailand Hermann Kahle (center) is looking forward to his new responsibility for large parts of Asia from the company’s hub in Thailand.

Spaleck GmbH from Bocholt focuses on “green technologies”. These include environmental technology, mobility and renewable energies as well as agricultural and food technology.

In Thailand and Southeast Asia, it will initially focus on state-of-the-art conveying and separation technology.

Sanet had opted for a Trade & Investment Service Office (TISO) Company Ltd. as the ideal legal form. With the investment promotion now granted by the BOI in Thailand, the already established wholly-owned subsidiary is now allowed to offer the equipment and also its service directly to its customers from Thailand throughout Southeast Asia, acquire land ownership and obtain the necessary work permits for foreigners.

Sanet’s Business and Legal Consultancy in Thailand helped tailoring the Business Plan and Promotion Application in such a way that in a second step, the company will be able to add production with long-term tax exemption to its business.

Sanet is proud to have paved the way to Asia for two excellent companies.