Thailand Privilege Visa: How to Expect Privileges and Exclusivity in Thailand

Thailand Privilege Visa: How to Expect Privileges and Exclusivity in Thailand

If you are looking for the right visa for a long-term stay in Thailand, you will probably come across the Thailand Privilege Visa. The new edition of the Elite Visa allows you a 5 to 20-year residence permit and luxurious privileges and services through Privilege Points. This is available to those who are able and willing to pay the necessary fees. The Privilege Visa (Privilege Entry Visa “PE”) is issued by private companies and is aimed at wealthy travelers who want to enjoy great comfort and boost the Thai economy. The membership costs between THB 900,000 and THB 5,000,000.

Be careful: Working is not permitted

The Privilege Visa falls under the category of tourist visas and is therefore not suitable for those interested in working in Thailand. The visa is falsely marketed by even authorized sales agents as the visa of choice for workation enthusiasts and digital nomads”. The responsible authority has already denied this and intends to take action against the spread of such fake news.

Overview of the memberships:

Gold Card: Gold Card membership allows you to stay for 5 years with several entry and exit options. It is also possible to extend the visa for up to 20 years. However, the 90-day registration requirement with the immigration authorities still applies. You will also receive 20 Privilege Points. You can also expect VIP treatment at the airport, including fast-track entry and access to exclusive airport lounges, as well as elite assistance available 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have in Thailand. All this comes at a cost of 900,000 THB.

Platinum Card: The Platinum Card membership offers you the same privileges and more for 10 happy years of stay. Your 35 annual Privilege Points will give you access to a range of exclusive services such as private airport transfers, concierge services and priority reservations at restaurants and hotels. This luxury can be yours for a fee of 1.5 million THB.

Diamond Card: Diamond Card membership offers the same benefits and rights, as well as regular access to benefits and privileges. You will also receive 55 Privilege Points annually. All of this in combination with a residence permit for 15 years at a price of 2.5 million THB.

Reserve Card: Reserve Card membership is the highest level of privilege you can achieve. This is only possible by direct invitation and allows you to stay in Thailand for 20 years without the need to renew. The same privileges of all previous memberships also apply here, which you can redeem with 120 Privilege Points. Cost: 5 million THB.

Privilege Point System:
  • The Privilege points system mentioned several times is used to redeem luxury services with Privilege partners.
  • Your Privilege Points are reset annually and you can redeem them via the Thailand Privilege App or by contacting Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd.
  • Privilege Points are generally valid for one year, but some benefits may have a shorter validity period.
Conclusion: Massive price increase

In summary, apart from the points system, one thing has changed compared to the previous Elite Visa: the price.

When it comes to Thai residency law, it is difficult to keep track of all the details. Sanet Legal recommends that interested parties who do not want to stay in Thailand as mere vacationers seek professional help. Feel free to make an appointment for a consultation!