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Great companies will have great agents, and great agents usually already represent the most excellent companies in the market. Neither of them need to advertise their “agent search” at trade shows or, vice versa, go out and look for new agents on fairs or exhibitions. Manufacturers or distributors who need to operate in this way are usually not considered to be among the finest in their industry. The very best will not have to search, they will instead select. The professional search for partners by Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS involves a high-level qualification selection and evaluation procedure. Partners must be a perfect match for each other, and a long-term partnership must be established.

Sanet’s partner search

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The Workshop

The process begins with a workshop. This is where Sanet learns about your company, your products, your unique sales propositions and your best experiences in foreign sales. After that, we define together the necessary criteria for a good partner. We cover everything from initial capital to staffing, from branch structuring to overall organization, as well as market position and the motivation for the cooperative endeavor. We also lay out what it is that you have to offer your potential partner. All this is used to create a specifications sheet for the search.

Research and Qualification

Now the search begins. Qualification methods are defined according to a strict master plan. Industrial associations, networks, as well as private and government data banks are also used to compile a type of Desk-Research. We are sure to not to miss any of the “fellow players” at the branch.

Up next is the first preliminary qualification round: data gathered from financial information, telephone interviews, environment studies and web analyses are then used to to evaluate the criteria.

The Short-List

These data are then used to compile an extensive report detailing our methods, sources and market findings, resulting in a complete overview of the candidates reviewed.

After this, you will be given a short-list with the most qualified potential partners, who are presented in an extensive company profile including their reasons for wanting to work together, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


The next step is to schedule appointments with the candidates of your choosing to allow you, our client, to make personal contact with them. Over the course of several days, we negotiate together, evaluate the interviews each day, make the selection or choose to take further steps.

We accompany you in the way you desire – ideally up until the transfer over to Sanet Legal Ltd., our legal office, which then either drafts or examines the sales contract with German and Thai legal representatives.

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